Using Instagram To Acquire New Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Using Instagram is a more unique method of acquiring new clients for your cleaning business. Instagram is a social networking service that allows users to share photos and short videos. Instagram is a valuable tool for promoting your business and acquiring new clients precisely because of how easily it can get your cleaning business and brand out into the eye of the public. Just by having an Instagram account for your cleaning business, you are now viewable by over one billion active Instagram users. When you look at it in terms of numbers, it would be absurd not to make use of the free social networking platform to assist your cleaning business with acquiring new clients.

Using Instagram to acquire new clients is easy, but there are many different ways you can go about it. Though it is unnecessary to use all of the steps, the more you can employ, the greater your chances of getting new clients for your cleaning business. First and foremost, you should be sure that you have a signature theme for your account. Next, you want to focus on setting up your account and giving users a sneak peek into your cleaning business. One type of post that will be beneficial to obtaining new clients is posting how-to videos. You should also focus on at least one post a week, sharing before and after photos and customer testimonials. Another portion of your posts should have a live video of your employees or team members cleaning in action and pictures of your team outside of the business. Another excellent method for obtaining new clients for your cleaning business is to develop a campaign for your cleaning business. In addition to a campaign, you should establish a schedule for deals and coupons offered exclusively through your Instagram page. Finally, be sure to post holiday and event-themed posts, all of which can be combined with your campaign or a special promotion you are running.

Choosing a theme for your Instagram account is crucial because it will help with the overall cohesiveness of your Instagram account. If you do not select a theme, your posts may seem discombobulated, which could lead to a poor experience for the user viewing your profile. Choosing a theme means sticking to this theme across all platforms. Themes are also important because they allow customers to “pick you out of a line up” so to speak. If you are consistent in your cleaning business’s theme, customers will always know and be able to point out your cleaning business.

When you have chosen a theme for your Instagram account, you will want to make sure you have set up your account properly and created the initial postings to give users and potential clients a sneak peek into your business. Ensuring you have your account correctly set up is vital to your success. If you mistakenly set up your profile to be private, then users will not be able to view your content unless you approve each individual follow-request. Instances such as this should be kept in mind to ensure you will not miss out on possible clients due to errors in your account setup.

Next on the list of steps is posting how-to videos. How-to videos can be helpful because they will not only illustrate your cleaning business’s expertise in cleaning but it will be useful to current and potential clients. You will be able to maintain clients while also gaining new clients because they will see how valuable your tips and tricks are that you present within your how-to videos.

Another good thing for you to focus on within your Instagram post is sharing before and after photos. Sharing before and after photos is an important part of acquiring new clients because those individuals who are thinking about using your services can see in clear pictures exactly what they will get by choosing your cleaning business. Especially in terms of a cleaning business, the shock factor and wow factor that can be achieved by seeing the difference in a carpet that was just recently steam cleaned can be the difference between a potential client choosing your cleaning business over another cleaning business. In addition to the before and after photos, you also want to be sure to post customer testimonials. Testimonials will allow other clients to read what your present clients have to say about your services and how satisfied they are.

In addition to sharing before and after photos and customer testimonials, you should also make sure that several of your posts include live videos of your team in action or pictures of your team in action. You want to show potential clients what it looks like to have your team clean their office, residential home, or commercial space. Having live video and photos of your team at work and on the job is important, but you should also have photographs and videos of your team outside of work. Clients will want to see you and your employees are people just like them. This is also a great way to show your business actively participating in community service and community outreaches.

In addition to the many different posts you should have, another great method for obtaining new clients is to generate a campaign. A campaign is basically a “feature” that you add to your Instagram account. A campaign could be having Thursdays dedicated to “Tammy’s Cleaning Tips,” or you could have a campaign specific to Mondays in which you title the campaign “Motivational Mondays,” and provide inspirational quotes and tips via your Instagram posts.

Developing a schedule for deals and coupons is also vital for acquiring new clients for your cleaning business. You must create a plan because this will allow you to track how often you are running specific deals or promotions and how those deals or promotions may impact your overall sales. If a particular discount is causing too much of a lost profit, you will be able to cut it out of your schedule. 

Finally, you want to be sure to keep your customers engaged by providing posts that line up with holidays or special events such as Super Bowl Sunday. By doing this, you can keep your current clients engaged as well as acquire new clients as you pique their interest through themed posts. Many individuals relate strongly to specific holidays or events, and this is a prime time for you to shift their interest to your cleaning business and the services you provide. 

Choosing a Theme for your Instagram Account

Thinking about choosing a theme may cause you to feel overwhelmed and frustrated. The best way to get new clients is to be unique. Cleaning businesses are starting to become all too popular these days, and you want to be sure that your cleaning business has set itself apart from others in the industry. Having a theme will allow you to become your own entity. It is just like when you go to a local restaurant with an “under the sea” theme. You want to set this same tone for your cleaning business’s Instagram account. Creating a theme will make your Instagram account pop and create a point of interest for potential new clients. 

In order to choose your theme, you need to understand and recognize what your backstory is. How was your business created? Is there something special about the way your business was formed that sets it apart from the others? Are you dedicated to using only green cleaning products, so that is what you want to focus on when presenting your business to the public? You must ask all of these questions to choose the most appropriate theme for your Instagram account. When selecting a theme, it is best to maintain this theme across all platforms whenever necessary. This will make it easier for your cleaning business to duplicate much of the content that you use across many different platforms, and the content will still be useful to potential clients.

You may think that you may be limiting the possibilities for your cleaning business by choosing a particular theme and specializing in that theme, but that is not so. Specializing in one specific theme actually sets your cleaning business apart from others and makes it so that your cleaning business is more memorable than others. Additionally, primarily if you specialize in something such as green products, you bring in an entire niche of potential clients seeking exactly what you have to offer. Those clients will be grateful for your specialized theme. If you want your theme to be based on your cleaning business being both quick and efficient, then build your content around that general subject, and you will be sure to bring in more new clients by maintaining that theme and providing unique content concerning it.

Setting Up Your Instagram Account

Setting up your Instagram account is possibly the most vital step in acquiring new clients. When you first begin to use Instagram, you will not have any posts on your account, so you will have to take some time to do a little work and create a bit of a presence for yourself. Before building your initial presence, be sure to check your security settings and set those to your preference. If you want your posts to be viewable by the public, you must be sure to set your privacy settings accordingly, or else you will miss out on potential new clients. It is recommended that you maintain a public Instagram account. If your profile is not public and users have to wait for your approval to view your content, you will most certainly miss out on sales as those individuals move on to other cleaning businesses that do not require approval before their content is viewable. 

The first posts that you share on Instagram will be vital to creating the foundation for your business that will lead to the acquisition of new clients. You want to paint a scene of your cleaning business that is memorable and will leave a lasting impression on visitors. Until you begin to post daily and raise your number of posts, you will only have these few initial posts for visitors to judge your cleaning business. This is why it is imperative that you use these initial posts to your advantage. You can place your cleaning business on the highest pedestal by posting information about you as the owner as well as a sneak-peek into each of your employees’ or team members’ daily life. Introducing each with a photo and funny quote or favorite movie is a great way to present the compassionate side of your cleaning business. This is your opportunity to lay the groundwork for how your cleaning business will be viewed. Be sure to have prices clearly indicated or a link to your website where prices can be viewed. Potential clients prefer that they know at least an estimate of how much they will be charged for using your services. Being transparent in your presentation of your cleaning business as well as the prices will ensure potential customers feel comfortable looking further into making use of your cleaning business services.

Obtaining Clients Using How-To Videos 

Using how-to videos is another great method for you to acquire new clients for your cleaning business. If you are looking to acquire new clients for your cleaning business, a great way to draw them in is by posting how-to videos that allow you to showcase your expertise in your particular industry. As a cleaning business, you are likely to run into cases of spilled drinks or soiled clothing that may be seemingly ruined. How-to videos that you provide can help provide solutions to these everyday problems. It will be even better if you can provide answers to these problems by using everyday household items that your potential clients already have access to daily.

For example, you can provide videos on how to get a red wine stain out of your carpet. This is a problem that many potential clients can probably relate to. What is distinctive about posting how-to videos is that it makes your cleaning business more down-to-earth and relatable. New clients will see that you are in touch with their needs and that you are willing to provide assistance with problems without charging them for that advice. When clients know that you are eager to give them free advice, they will be more likely to pay for the services you provide with the understanding that it comes with your expertise. The more how-to videos you post, the more your potential clients can see into your mind and understand just how knowledgeable you are within your field. You will begin to gain clients because they trust your knowledge and have faith in your capabilities because they have seen you in action.

Another example of a how-to video that you could provide would be how to get a streak-free shine when cleaning windows. This type of information is valuable to clients because although it may seem counterproductive to provide clients with this type of do-it-yourself information, it demonstrates that you are secure in the services you are providing and are more concerned with assisting the client than in making a profit. The fact that you are willing to share your knowledge on how you get a streak-free shine illustrates to potential clients that your main focus is not just profits. It is also vital to understand that even though giving away how-to videos may seem like it could cut into your profits because potential clients will just do it themselves, remember that there are many reasons why a cleaning business may be used. While it may be helpful for a potential client to know how to get a streak-free clean on windows, it will not make them any more apt to want to do it themselves, and they will likely still require cleaning services. Try not to think of posting how-to videos as unfavorable, and understand that posting these videos bolsters the support you receive from both current and potential clients.

Sharing Before and After Photos and Client Testimonials 

Sharing before and after photos is one of the best ways for your cleaning business to obtain new clients. Since your business revolves around the before and after of a service, showing photographs of precisely what this looks like is undoubtedly most helpful in obtaining new clients for your cleaning business. Clients who can go to your Instagram account and view your post will be able to see any of the before and after photographs that you post. They will be able to zoom in and see even the smallest of details. Posting before and after pictures should only be done if you have received permission from the client to share the photographs of their home, office, or commercial space.

Sharing before and after photos is essential for obtaining new clients for your cleaning business. Potential clients will want to see exactly what they are getting from your services by viewing the before and after photos that you post to your Instagram account. This is especially important if your theme revolves around a particular type of cleaning. For example, if your focus is on baseboards and you can show the difference in how clean your baseboards look after your services have been provided, this will help bring new clients to your cleaning business because they can see your work in action. Because your business focuses on the “after,” it is helpful if the clients can see exactly what the finished product looks like so that there is no guessing in what standard of work your cleaning business provides.

Showcasing before and after photos is also important because they demonstrate that you have pride in your workmanship. Because you are not afraid to share your work online for millions of users to see, this paints a clear picture to potential clients indicating that you are aware that your work will be scrutinized, and you welcome a keen eye to observe your work. Taking before and after photos is also helpful for you as a business because if you take a look at those photos yourself, you are able to see areas in which you may need to improve. This will help you to grow as a business by implementing change as needed. If you see that there is still just left behind after cleaning insert and small crevices, this will enable you to point out those weak spots and correct them before finishing a job. This will help acquire new clients because you will have a keener eye for perfection, making your cleaning business more successful overall.

In addition to sharing before and after photos, you will also want to share client testimonials. A client testimonial is similar to a client review, except that the specific purpose of a testimonial is for the client to rave about the services they received from you. You can solicit testimonials from clients who have already used your services. You can post these testimonials to your Instagram to acquire new clients for your cleaning business with their permission. Testimonials allow clients to speak on the things that they most loved about your services. Sometimes, you may not even think of positive actions that your clients will remember you are good at doing and point out in their testimonials. This can be helpful because it will show that you have other strengths outside of what you have already presented in your main Instagram profile. Testimonials are yet another way for you to reach potential clients in that those individuals who are looking for cleaning services would love to be able to read other people’s experiences with the cleaning services you provide. There are a lot of companies out there who offer subpar or substandard service to their clients. You can help give potential clients peace of mind knowing that your business is legitimate and that clients also value your services by posting testimonials. If possible, when posting testimonials, you should try to tag the individual who wrote the testimonial. Doing this can further emphasize that these testimonials are from actual clients so that potential clients are not worried that they will be scammed by your business or that you will not provide services up to their expected standards.


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Sharing Live Footage of Your Team in Action

Another great method for acquiring more clients for your cleaning business is to share live footage of your team in action to your Instagram account. Sharing live footage of your team in action to your Instagram account is important because it humanizes your team members. It also allows potential clients to see how your team performs their duties. For example, if your cleaning business specializes in cleaning offices, you can upload a video of your team cleaning one of the largest offices on your roster. You can show the steps you take, which cleaning products you use, and how they are used. You could create an entire montage story around your subject, or it could just be quick cuts in and out of video with music attached to it. On Instagram, the videos cannot be exceptionally long, so you do not have to create an entire film, just something that will capture the audience’s attention.

Sharing live footage of your team in action to your Instagram account is also essential because it allows you to brand your cleaning business. You can present your cleaning business in the way that you want it to be presented. This is also a fun interactive way for you to allow potential clients to take a look inside a day of work at your cleaning business. Often, cleaning businesses go into their clients’ homes, meaning that you are in people’s personal spaces. By sharing videos and live footage of your team in action, you can help those who may be potential clients to become more comfortable with your team. Especially if they can see their faces and familiarize themselves with some of the team members, it may make it easier for them to allow the employees into their space. It will seem less like strangers coming into their space and more like family or close friends.

Not only do you want to share live footage of your team in action while working, but it is also important that you show footage of your team when they are off the clock. This is a prime time to show your company and its involvement in community outreach. When your company goes out to volunteer at the local dog shelter, take photographs and share those photographs to your Instagram account. You can take this time to motivate your followers to go out and volunteer as well. This is helpful in acquiring new clients because potential clients will see that you care for the community as much as you care for a profit. Many consumers today believe that businesses are only worried about how much money they will make, so it is necessary to ensure your clients that your concerns reach further than what can be bought with a dollar.

Another fabulous example of sharing footage of your team in action while off the clock will be if your company is participating in a local fundraiser and doing car washes at a local grocery store. You can post your team out at the car wash and invite your cleaning business profile followers to come out and participate in the car washing and donate to the cause. This helps potential clients understand that you are interested in more than profits and that your cleaning business is philanthropical and dedicated to the community. Part of your success in acquiring clients on Instagram will be based on your popularity and how often your videos or posts are shared. Keep in mind that you want the content that is shared to be content that is relatable and that people will want to share with others around them. If your content is boring, it is not likely that anyone will want to share your content, so you will reach fewer users. Try to be unique in the content that you provide, such as sharing candid snapshots of your team members outside of work interacting with their pets. You can also show your team members outside of work with their families going to movies or visiting amusement parks to allow potential customers to get more comfortable with the employees.

Generating a Campaign to Acquire New Clients

Anyone who is a social media user is likely to have seen the hashtag on Instagram known as Throwback Thursday. This is an example of a campaign. If you want to acquire more clients for your cleaning business, creating a campaign would be in your best interest. A campaign can be something such as designating every Thursday to be Throwback Thursday. For example, on Throwback Thursday, you could post photographs of previous cleaning methods that were used, such as washboards and their history. The purpose of the campaign is to garner interest in your cleaning business. The things that you post do not necessarily have to be directly related to a job that you have completed. A campaign can simply be something that you integrate into your Instagram account that sets it apart from other cleaning business accounts. The campaign will draw interest to your profile and lead those interacting with your profile to look into your services.

For example, if you decided that you wanted to have motivational Mondays, you could post inspirational quotes and tips for your readers every Monday with guidance on implementing the recommendations into their daily lives. Inspirational and motivational content is the type of content that many users seek out on the Instagram platform. By providing this type of restorative material, you increase the odds of users sharing your post many times over. Remember, once someone shares your post, they will link back to your main profile and see all of the other posts you have shared. Therefore, it is crucial that you share unique content and that you choose a campaign that is novel as well. If you decide to choose something that is commonly used, such as Motivational Mondays, make sure that you do something to put your own spin on it and make it specific to your cleaning business. If people see the same content that they always see, they may unfollow you so that they no longer see you in their feed. Your goal is to get as many followers as you can so that your posts and content are constantly being shared worldwide. It may not seem necessary for you to be known in another state, country, or even continent, but you never know how your cleaning business may expand or who may come to visit your state and need your services.

Another suggestion is that if you decide to use a commonly known campaign, you should use multiple campaigns. So, you could use Motivational Mondays and Throwback Thursday as your two typical campaigns. Doing this will draw more attention to your Instagram account and bring you more followers as they look forward to each day that you are providing a particular type of information. Again, try to be as unique as possible with your content, even if you subscribe to the usual Throwback Thursday or Motivational Monday campaign that most of us have seen previously.

Developing a Schedule for Deals and Coupons

Another inclusive method for acquiring new clients for your cleaning business is developing a schedule for deals and coupons. You must provide promotions to your clients because simply put, people love sales. If a service is on sale or a discount or promotion is going on, people are more likely to try a service for the first time. If you are looking to gain new clients, offering your services at a reduced price, offering a two for one special, or anything along those lines, will help you get new clients for your cleaning business.

Offering a deal or promotion does not have to equate to a steep loss in profits on your end. Though you are concerned with profits and people, you want to be wise in your promotion offerings. For example, a great way to offer a deal to new clients is to provide a referral bonus. Say, for instance, you already have 25 current clients. If you offer them a $25 gift card for every client they refer to your cleaning business, the long-term profit from the number of continual clients you will obtain will be more than worth the money paid for the gift cards. This is important for your Instagram account because you will provide a greater reach for your promotions and sales. Since there are so many Instagram users, once you share a deal, they will then share that deal with their friends, who will share it with their friends and so on and so forth, thus creating a wider net for you to reach new potential clients for your cleaning business.

The key point to remember with deals, promotions, and coupons is to create a schedule to manage them. Creating a schedule is essential because you want to balance the type of sales and promotions you are offering to your clients, both new and old. If you always offer the same discount or advertise the same deal, potential customers may not take your business seriously. You want your content to be fresh and new every week or at the very least every month, and if you continue to promote the same sale or deal, people will get used to seeing it, and nothing about your posts will stick out to them, thus costing you clients.


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Syncing Your Posts with Holidays and Events

A final step for acquiring more clients for your cleaning business is to sync your post with holidays and events. Syncing your post with holidays and events is an important opportunity because people love the holidays and love to engage with posts pertaining to those holidays. When you sync your Instagram posts with holidays and events, you ensure that your posts are relevant and capable of showing up in users’ news feeds and will show up whenever that specific holiday or occasion is searched for. A key method to do this is by using hashtags. A hashtag, also known as the pound symbol, is a way to tag your posts so that when others search for those words, they will locate your posts. It is important to use hashtags whenever you sync your post with holidays and events so that your post can be searched for easily by potential clients. By adding a hashtag to your post, you will also have it included when users discover new posts and are just randomly scrolling without searching.

An example of syncing your post with holidays could be Halloween. You can have all your employees dressed up in their favorite Halloween costume and have a costume contest. Take photos of the costume contest and videos of the competition if you have each of the contestants walk down the aisle to showcase their different costumes. This ties back in with the previous step that advises you to take candid photos of your team in action. Syncing your post with holidays such as Halloween will mean that you keep your business relevant during all times. It can quickly become mundane to continuously post the same pictures showing before and after photos of what you cleaned, but by including holiday photographs, you can mix things up, and you do not have to worry about it fitting too closely with your theme since the holiday itself is a theme.

Syncing your post with holidays and events can also help acquire new clients because you can use this in conjunction with any deals or promotions that you create. For example, if we are looking at the holiday of Halloween again, you could include an advertisement that is called Spooktacular Saturdays, in which you have a sale for 15% off all residential cleaning with a focus on cobweb cleaning. You can have accompanying photos showing before and after pictures of cobwebs that you have removed previously. You can see here how the sale and focus on cobwebs link to the themes of Halloween. Doing this will keep your potential clients engaged, and individuals will be entertained by the unique ideas you come up with. It is important to remember that even though you are a business, you also want to maintain engagement by being unique and creative in the content that you provide.

Acquiring new clients for your cleaning business by using Instagram is a reasonably straightforward process. There are many ways that you can acquire new clients for your cleaning business, and though all the steps that have been suggested are not required, they are definitely helpful if you want to increase the names on your new client list. First, you want to ensure that you have a theme in mind for your Instagram account. The theme that you choose will set you apart from other cleaning businesses and allow those potential clients you are seeking to pick your services over another cleaning business. Next, you want to make sure that your Instagram account is set up properly. Frequently companies do not know how to effectively use social media. As a result, they often limit their audience because they have the incorrect settings for their account. You will want to be sure to check all of your privacy settings and ensure that they are set to public if that is how you want your content to be presented.

Once you have set up your account successfully, you can then begin to build the foundation for your cleaning business profile. You will want to upload photos and videos that help potential clients get to know your team of workers. This will help them be more comfortable with choosing your services, especially since they have never worked with your cleaning business before. You want to be able to give your clients peace of mind in knowing who your business is and what your company stands for. Next, you can use how-to videos to obtain new clients. Those who consider using your services and come across your how-to videos will notice your expertise, be drawn to your business, and be more likely to use your services. In addition to how-to videos, you can also share before and after photos of your cleaning jobs. Before and after photos are an excellent way to allow potential clients to see your cleaning business’s work firsthand, up-close, and personal. In addition to the before and after photos, you also should include testimonials in your Instagram post. Testimonials allow current clients to advise what they love most about your cleaning business.

Another great option for acquiring new clients for your cleaning business is to display live footage of your team in action on your Instagram profile. By posting photos of your team in action, you allow potential clients to see what your team does when they come in to provide a service. This is pretty much giving the client a preview of the services, which can help them be more comfortable choosing your cleaning business. In addition to the live footage of your team in action cleaning actual properties or homes, you also want to include footage of your team off the clock doing regular everyday tasks. This allows the clients to meet the employees on a personal level and become more involved in the sense that it is a friend and family setting that is welcoming to all new clients. When seeking to obtain new clients for your cleaning business, you should also consider generating a campaign. A campaign will be another way to set your cleaning business apart from other cleaning businesses by creating memorable moments for your followers. Those who follow your profile will look forward to each of your campaigns, and those who are new to your cleaning business will be drawn in by the unique material provided within the campaign, which will lead them to further skim your profile and land you more clients. The step that requires you to create a schedule for deals and promotions is almost as important as the before and after photos. If you are offering discounts and promotions, you want to be sure to offer them at a scheduled interval to maintain unique promotions and ensure your content does not get stale and repetitive. Just about anyone will be more likely to purchase a service if they see that a deal or promotion is going on in relation to that service. If you are offering a discount or sale to your clients, they will understand that you care about giving them the best bang for their buck, and again, it will keep your business in the spotlight, and clients will be drawn to your business naturally. Everyone loves a good sale.

Finally, you want to be sure to sync your post with holidays and events. This is important because holidays and events are a way that most people are linked together. In addition, many people celebrate holidays in different ways, which means that they may have a greater need for your services. For example, people may be having guests over around Christmas time, or business offices may throw parties that require cleaning services. Keep all of this in mind when you are generating your posts to sync with holidays and events because it can be helpful in how many new clients you attain.

All in all, if you take the previous steps listed and implement them each, you can gain new clients for your cleaning business quickly. Using Instagram to obtain new clients is a little bit outside of the normal scope of how you would get new clients and does not follow the usual pattern of chasing down leads. Instead, you have to make yourself known and make a name for yourself by creating a foundation and a presence that keeps you relevant within the social media realm. It is easy to get drowned out by larger companies, but if you make your content valuable and unique, you can be sure to continue gaining new clients month after month. In addition to gaining new clients, you will keep those clients, and they will continue to refer their friends and family.

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