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Popular Questions

In all plans, the first provider will be free so that you can add yourself as a provider, after that you will be charged $5 per provider. A service provider is someone that performs the service which can be a maid, a dog walker, a barber, tutor. If you have teams, each team member is counted as a provider. If you have a total of 10 providers you will only be charged for the first 9 totaling $45 per month for the 9 providers. This helps us pay for storage fees as you continue to grow. You can also save up to 30% when pre-paying from the inside of your account which will reduce the provider amount from $5 to only $3.50 per provider.

If you are not using a provider or team you can simply deactivate them for the time being which will exclude them from being counted towards billing.

You are billed after and ONLY after your 14 day trial expires. If you are using the forever free plan you will not be required to put in a card on file and you will never be charged unless you wish to upgrade. You can also add a card on file at anytime during the trial.

In all plans, the first provider will be free so that you can add yourself as a provider if needed, after that you will be charged $5 per additional service provider.

You can upgrade/downgrade at anytime and our system will automatically make the changes while refunding you if any outstanding balances are there.

After you sign up you will also be eligible to pay upfront and save either 15% or 30% on your entire monthly bill (providers included which will decrease the provider fee from $5 to only $3.50 per provider).

For now you can either use the mini site we built out for you when you sign up or embed the forms on your site.

Your mini site will be something such as which you can use to send traffic to if you don’t want to make a site yet and/or are waiting for our website builder with themes.


Embedding the forms can be placed directly on your existing site: using your own domain name.

The links above are 2 examples of how the forms look live.

You can also view live demos here.

Our Forever Free Plan is created for those who are just starting out and don’t have much capital to get started. Our company really does want to help you grow and we decided to give out our software for free until you grow. The free plan will allow you to accept 10 bookings a month and do the necessary things to get you started. On top of that, all users including free users are eligible to get our courses to help you grow for free.

BookingKoala is a software designed specifically for service type businesses such as but not limited to; cleaning services, pet walking services, moving services, tutors, consultants and more.

By using BookingKoala you will gain access to features that will help your business grow efficiently. Your customers will be able to book online and later manage all of their appointments, you will be able to control your staff, your customers, all payments and reports from inside your dashboard. On top of all that, your providers will be able to view their bookings and payments from inside their own account.

Here you can view demos per industry.

BookingKoala was originally designed to help scale a residential cleaning service to millions in revenue. Small and medium businesses (up to 500 providers) and start ups are what we know best and small businesses and start ups is who we focus on. We do everything in order to help your new business hit millions in revenue and we focus on helping your already existing business reach new heights with our awesome built in features.

There are no set up fees. You will be billed monthly based on the package you select. You can also pre-pay for the entire 6 months or 12 months for a special discount (you can do this after you sign up). Providers are still billed monthly but at a discounted rate since the number of providers changes monthly.

We offer a 15% discount when you pay up front for 6 months and 30% discount if you pay upfront for 1 year (discount is applied towards the monthly fee and the number of service professionals). Your providers will still be billed monthly but at the discounted rate since the number of providers may change monthly. You will be offered these discounts when upgrading from your free trial inside your account.

Absolutely, you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime! If you pre-paid for a plan, all adjustments will be made for you accordingly by the system. If you are having any issues you can always reach out to us.

Absolutely not! You do not need to put a credit card till after you’re 14 day free trial is over if you wish to continue. If you are using our Free Forever Plan, you will never have to put in a credit card on file, unless you wish to upgrade or you out grow that plan. If you add a card before your 14 day trial is over, you will not be charged till after your trial expires.



Yes there are no contracts or commitments. You can cancel at any time. Currently you cannot cancel on your own so send us a quick email (this is coming soon).

There are no contracts when signing up for a month-to-month plan however if you want to receive 15% OFF or 30% OFF on your plan you may sign up for an 6 month or 12 month plan. You can cancel those plans at any-time and you will no longer be charged and a refund will be issued accordingly. For example if you paid for 6 months, but you cancelled after 3, there will be a refund issued for the 3 months you will not be using the software, however the first 3 months will be charged at a month-to-month rate.

Yes, we use the highest level of security for our site in order to make sure your data is safe at all times!

Themes are pre-made websites. You purchase a theme or select a free one and once activated you will have a site in seconds. You can then use our drag and drop options to configure your website. All forms are already installed with each theme. For example if you run a cleaning service, you would pick a theme, activate it and all forms would come with that theme, ready for your customers to use. You can have a site in under 60 seconds custom towards your industry (Themes are coming soon).

Yes, some themes are free and some are paid. (Themes are coming soon).

When embedding your forms, we will use your already existing domain.

No work other then embedding your forms is needed.

If you wish to host your entire site on BookingKoala (coming soon) we will show you how you can use your own domain at that time.

Great question! All of your data is kept in a cloud database and it allows you to log in from anywhere in the world and view your customers data at anytime. Your customers and providers can also login from anywhere in the world on any device.

Yes! We developed an app on IOS and Android devices for your customers and your service Providers. Apps will be released before October 1st, 2018.

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