Features That Work

With BookingKoala, we help you transform your idea or already operating business to an online business that can easily be scaled with our built-in features and management capabilities.


Booking Forms


Satisfy customers that prefer to book online.


Let the Form work for you even when you’re sleeping.


Designed to help you sell with speed, conversion, and sales in mind.


Save time by having fewer calls to your office and use those savings elsewhere.


Multiple booking forms and setups you can choose from.

Use it anywhere

Use it with our theme or install it on your existing website. Completely mobile-friendly and optimized.

Sell when you’re sleeping

Sell clients online instantly using our highly converting booking forms, even when you are sleeping.

Flexible pricing options

Set your prices to fit your business, whether it’s based on quantity, parameters, hours, minutes, packages, and many more different setup variations.

Credit Cards or Cash/Check payments

Accept different types of payments from your customers, whether they are booking online or simply calling in to make an appointment.

Sales tax

Charge sales tax per location, run reports based on collected sales tax, and more.

Multi-location and time zone

Set up different locations and schedules, set different prices per location, different sales tax, and much more. Our forms will determine pricing per zip code or per store if one is activated. You can also activate a multi-time zone locations feature, helping you manage bookings in different time zones.

Service area versus merchant area

Enable appointments being performed at your location, your customer’s location, or both. If you take online appointments, name your location ‘Online,’ which will be automatically selected when booking.


For example, if you are a cleaning service and you offer: home cleaning, office cleaning, and post-construction clean-up, you can set up three different industries with three other pricing points for customers to book from.

Automatic charges

Make charges, refunds and manage all of your customer payments in one spot. You may also activate a feature that charges a booking after it has been completed saving you time.

Expedited charges

Charge expedited fees for same-day appointments to generate additional revenue.


Website Options and Themes


Keep your website and entire store all in one place.


No more expensive developers or designers.


Pick from beautiful themes that we offer and have a site ready in just a few hours.


Make changes in seconds without the need to wait on someone to do it for you.

Easy customization

Super easy to set up your pricing, locations, forms, colors, and branding. You will never have to hire a developer or spend time or money coding ever again.

Start in seconds

You can start your business in seconds using our Website builder. Each store comes with a website instantly after you sign up. All you have to do is customize it to your liking and brand.

Pick a theme

You can pick any of our themes to start with or upgrade and change your site whenever you want.

SEO friendly

If you’re looking to rank on Google or other search engines, you can easily optimize your site using our builder.

Tracking codes

Add tracking codes to your site in seconds to track traffic, conversions or even add third-party software such as a live chat to your website.

Use your domain

Buy a domain through us or connect any existing domain to your store.

Faster and better experience

Allow an overall faster experience with fast loading forms placed directly on our servers and embedded in all of our themes. Your entire website will be automatically mobile, computer, and browser friendly across all devices.

Pages, popups, and blog

Using the Website Builder, you can create pages popups and even have a blog.

Easier to start

We’ve done most of the work for you, and using our themes and builder will make everything easier to start and understand.


Translate your entire website into multiple languages. You can translate your website, including all of your booking forms, to advertise to different Countries.




Hire more good quality Providers for your business.


Automate your Hiring process in easy steps to save time.


Save money by having a Hiring system all in one software.

Create forms to gather Prospects

You can create forms and use them anywhere to start collecting Prospects. Automate forms so that if someone doesn’t qualify, you can automatically reject the applicant.

Onboarding funnels

Build out a funnel that fits your Hiring process. Then easily navigate each Prospect throughout your funnel from start to finish.


Schedule interviews with your Prospects directly inside the Hiring module.


Build out contracts inside the Hiring module and send them out to Prospects. Each contract is IP stamped and tracked to identify who signed the contract.


Build out quizzes that are automatically graded instantly after submission. You’ll never have to go through a quiz again.


Track how many Prospects you bring in, how many have been rejected and how many you’ve onboarded.

Nurturing system

Connect Hiring and Campaigns to send out content to new prospects automatically.

Create members instantly

After you find the Prospect that fits your needs, you can quickly turn them into a Provider or Staff.




Recover more abandoned carts and convert more users into paying clients.


Leverage your existing clients to make more money.


Automate the entire process.


Capture more leads using Forms made from inside Campaigns.

Create your lists

Push contact information to lists based on rules you set up in the system.

Send Campaigns to lists

Create manual or automated emails and texts and send them to your lists.

Schedule Campaigns

Prepare beautiful emails or texts and send them out immediately or at a scheduled time.

Track your progress

Learn how many people open your emails, book from your emails and texts, and more.

A/B testing

Test different emails and texts to see which are working.

Easy to use templates

Pick from beautifully created templates and send your emails in minutes.


Build out Forms, and add them to any site to capture leads. You can then send out the information to those leads using Campaigns.


Smart Scheduling


Reduce the time you spend scheduling and rescheduling appointments.


No more overlaps in schedules or poor reviews on Social Media due to scheduling conflicts.


Tailor your service for Contractors or Employees.

Real-time availability and scheduling

Allow customers to see real-time availability based on the working hours of your providers or teams and rules that determine if they are open or not—100% accuracy, instant scheduling, and hassle-free.

Accept/decline scheduling

Activate an Uber-like feature, forcing providers/teams to accept/decline a job before it is confirmed.

Recurring appointments

Schedule recurring clients in seconds, then decide how many appointments show on schedule. If you choose to show appointments only up to 3 months ahead, a new appointment will automatically be created once one is completed, so there are always three months worth of appointments in the system.

Calendar and list view

View all your bookings in one place organized by different tabs (Upcoming Jobs, Today’s Jobs, Job History) and more. Designed for scale.

Same-day scheduling

Allow customers to book same-day bookings and charge additional fees for expedited service.

Unassigned bookings

Send invites to providers to pick up unassigned jobs. Your providers and teams can also grab unassigned jobs they are qualified for from their accounts if allowed.

Individual, teams, and pairing

Allow bookings to be scheduled with individual providers, create your own teams, or pair 2 or 3 individuals together.

Not available scheduling

Schedule appointments based on unavailable providers and teams and mark them with a NA tag, letting you know they usually don’t work those hours or areas but agreed to take a booking.




Convert more users using our Marketing features.


Automate parts of your marketing to save you hours of work each week.


Make your service better using our built-in review features designed to capture more reviews.


Get reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google automatically.


Find and sell more customers using a Referral program.


Add coupons to increase your revenue with tons of features and restrictions. Later offer those coupons and allow customers to use them while booking online.

Daily discounts

Organize your bookings and push clients to book for slow days.


Send emails and texts manually or in an automated series to convert more users and sell more to existing clients.


Give $50 – Get $50 built-in referral system to help your company grow. Adjust your referral amount based on your preferences.

Gift cards

Allow your customers to purchase gift cards with automatic balance tracking. Later, customers can book with gift cards to help you bring in more sales.

Rating system

Full rating system that tracks how your Providers are performing. It can also be displayed to your customers to help increase conversions during booking.

Facebook sharing

Activate a feature to help customers spread a word about you via Facebook in exchange for a coupon code. This feature is built to help you gain more clients for free.

Automatic reviews

Automatically get more reviews on your Yelp, Google, Facebook, and other social pages. Also, allow customers to share their reviews on Facebook and Twitter.




Learn what is working and what is not working at your company.


Reports helping with accounting and preparing of taxes.


Find out how much your company is making, paying Providers or how many bookings you have.


Get to know your customers and why they are canceling your services.


See what sells at your company.


Find out how much your company is making overall, per location, per industry, during a specific time, and much more.


Learn how many bookings you’re getting broken down based on frequency and more.


Find out how much your providers make, with payments tracked automatically.


Learn how many referrals you’re getting and how much revenue you’re making from them.


Find out how much you’re making on average per customer that books with your company.


Learn the performance of your Providers and how well your company is doing.


Find out why customers cancel your services based on frequency and reasons.


Get to know your popular services and which are frequently purchased.

Busiest and slowest times

Learn more about your spots and which ones get booked up the most or least.

Customer details

Find out how many bookings based on filters you had at the end of each year, or even how many of them you have today.




Configure notifications to remind clients of appointments.


Set up triggers to help you up-sell clients.


Automate your company and save hours per week.


And much more.

Email notifications

Activate email notifications to be sent to you, your customers, providers, and staff. You can design each email template yourself or use our default design.

SMS notifications

Activate SMS notifications to be sent to you, your customers, providers, and staff. Each message can be customized in seconds.

APP notifications

Activate APP notifications to be sent to your providers. Each notification can be customized.

System alerts

Activate excellent system alerts to help you and your office employees get organized and be aware of upcoming tasks and activities.


Learn if your emails are delivered, opened, or clicked.

System logs

Powerful logging system that tracks all actions done by all users in the system.


Provider Account


Do less by allowing your Providers to do more with their


Accessible from any device and browser, including desktop, tablet, or phone.


APP included as well.


Your Providers will get their own account where they can see their upcoming bookings view their payments, and much more.


Accounts are updated in real-time, so if a customer cancels, that booking will instantly be removed or updated inside a Provider account.

GPS clock in/out

You can track Providers via GPS by having them clock in/out per each job, allowing you to understand how long they’ve spent or traveled to a job.

Choose the level of control

Give more or less control over the Provider account. You can, for example, allow a Provider to edit their schedules with or without approval.


Attach checklists to bookings and have your Providers fill them out as they go.

Unassigned folder

Allow Providers to grab unassigned jobs without the need to contact them. This works well when you are fully booked but have bookings that no one can cover. In this case, some Providers may grab them even though it’s their day off, resulting in more revenue for your company.

Provider APP

Your Providers can download a beautifully developed APP for a fully mobile experience. If they don’t download an APP, they can still access their accounts from a browser on a mobile device.


Translate the Provider account into multiple languages. If you have numerous Providers speaking different languages, they can access their accounts in their native language.


Customer Account


Accessible from any device and browser, including desktop, tablet, or phone.


Give customers the freedom to control their service without calling you.


Make more money by doing less.


Customers get their own accounts where they can control and view their appointments, make new ones, refer friends, buy gift cards, and more.

Ease of booking

Customers can make new bookings or duplicate existing ones with pre-populated fields for ease of booking.

Referral system

Gain more clients without manual work by rewarding clients who refer friends using their unique links.

Gift cards

Make more money by allowing customers to send gift cards to friends and family.


Set up cancellation fees based on services canceled to stop short notice cancellations.

Advanced cancellations

Add in mandatory reasons to choose when canceling so that you can run reports to determine why customers are canceling.


Customers can rate each service directly from inside their account so that you can track company performance.


Collect tips from customers to help your providers and teams earn more money.


Allow customers to view checklists that a provider has completed.


Translate the entire customer dashboard into multiple languages. Each customer can decide which language they want to use when using the account.


Merchant Account


Control your entire business from one place.


Access it from anywhere in the world.


Accessible from any device and browser, including desktop, tablet, or phone.


As an admin, you receive an account with full access to change/manage settings, add staff, control what they can see, and view all of your customers, providers, and bookings.

Design your site and forms

Have total control over your entire website design, including your booking forms, all from one place.

Create bookings

You can create bookings and schedule them or adjust them based on your preferences.

Save as drafts

Save jobs as drafts and come back to complete them later. If the time you selected is gone, you will be required to choose a new date and time—absolute accuracy for instant scheduling.


Activate a customized form to help you capture more leads. You can use these forms on your existing site built elsewhere or add them directly on a site built out using our Website builder.


You can create quotes and send them to potential customers.


Easily pay out all Providers from inside the software with automatic payroll calculation.


Charge customers automatically or manually and view every charge made in one spot.


Create online checklists for your providers and teams to complete.

Time logs

Track Providers based on the GPS clock in/out feature to see how long they spent at a job or how long and far they have traveled.

Third-party integrations

Connect with Zapier, Stripe, Google Analytics, and many more of your favorite apps.