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Whether you are a starter or an already existing business we have a set up perfect for you. For starters you can have an entire website made at no cost within 60 seconds after you sign up. For larger businesses you can embed our booking forms on your already existing website at no charge. Both starters and existing companies get access to both of these options.

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Home Page

Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries


Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries

Gift Card

Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries

Sign In

Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries


Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries


Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries

Admin Dashboard

Simple – Free And Fits ALL Industries

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Pre-Made Site Made Instantly!

When you sign up for our free trial a free pre-made website will be made for you instantly with a home page, booking page, gift card page, referral page, and login/sign up pages for your customers and providers. You can customize all your pages with awesome built in features inside BookingKoala.

  • Free with all 3 plans.
  • Connect your own domain.
  • Customize to your liking and branding.
  • Make changes to your site whenever on your own.
  • No more code or hiring developers!
  • Includes all of our forms and features.
  • Abilities to add live chat and other 3rd party services.

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Advanced Website Builder

This is an advanced version of the website builder with more flexibility and more options. You will have access to as many pages as you want to add, your own blog where you can add unlimited blog posts, and more awesome features. You will also have access to four themes to choose from versus one. The advanced website builder is available in the Premium Plan only. If you are using the ‘Simple” theme, you will be able to switch to the “Advanced website builder” with a click of a button and pick new themes or you can even customize your ‘Simple’ theme with the advanced theme builder.

Embed Our Forms On Your Existing Site!

If you do not want a website builder and already have an existing website, you can place our booking forms, gift card pages, referral pages and login/sign up pages on your already existing site. You can always switch later with a click of a button and all of your customers and provider data including all of your bookings will be saved. You can customize these pages to fit your website and company branding. Need help? Just let us know!


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