Cure Cleaning Goes Automated With BookingKoala

Brandon Orr, founder and owner of Cure Cleaning shares his journey with us on how he’s transforming his business with BookingKoala.

Orr started his company to provide new opportunities to his community.

Today not only does he own a successful cleaning company, but he also contributes on the BookingKoala blog where he offers personal tips to those looking to start a cleaning company themselves.

Here is his story!

1. How do you think the Smart Scheduling is benefiting your business?

“I’ve always hated scheduling. And still hate it today. Smart scheduling removes the “thinking” from the scheduling part of my business. The who works what hours, available on what days, who’s trained to do certain types of cleanings… all of those questions are already done for me on the front end.  Saves me time and sanity that I can devote to another area of my business, like sales and business development.”

2. How are you leveraging BookingKoala to advance your business?

“I’m leveraging BookingKoala in as many areas of my business as I can. It’s already improving my professionalism and branding with everything being online. From pricing, to fast online booking, to account management, my clients love that.  Email marketing, gift cards and coupons give me an advantage over my competitors.  My brand awareness has improved. My customer base has improved. I’m saving time because I don’t have to stop and give quotes anymore in the middle of a job. I am now ready to hire a few more cleaners and almost fully out of the field myself and able to focus 100% on the part I love to do, sales and marketing. I come from a SaaS software sales background for 7 years in the corporate world. Sales is my passion. So BookingKoala is helping me get back to that within my own company, Cure Cleaning.”

3. How are your customers benefitting from using BookingKoala?

“Cure’s clients are benefitting by saving time on their end. People are busy. They don’t have time to email their information or leave a message via phone and wait 12-24hrs for someone to get back to them (or not) with pricing. This is 2018.  Utilizing our BookingKoala system, they can now see pricing and book (in a minute) all online. If they are networkers and love to refer, they can gain points for referring us business. All of the points they accumulate are automatically managed online. They get savings, we gain a new customer and the new client gains a quality service company. A win for all parties.”

4. What are your future goals for your business?

“Future goals for Cure Cleaning include doubling, possibly tripling our monthly revenue. We are also planning to offer other services in 2019. As the owner of Cure Cleaning, it’s important to me personally to be able to provide opportunities to people in the community.  Utilizing this system will help me to do that.”

More from Brandon:

Another growth story in the books showcasing how a business is growing with the power of BookingKoala.

Brandon is a perfect example of someone automating his business online and only worrying about marketing and growth!

We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for him and Cure Cleaning!

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