300 Best Cleaning Business Names (For Your New Cleaning Company)

cleaning company names

Let me guess, you’re planning and learning how to start a cleaning business, but you can’t think of a name, so you searched “cleaning business names,” ‘clever cleaning company names,’ ‘good cleaning company names,’ or something along those lines and here you are. Well, it looks like you have the right idea because finding a way for your cleaning business to stand out is essential in turning a profit quickly and building a successful and memorable brand. Many start-ups pick a random name for their new small business, neglecting that their name is part of their brand.

How do I make my cleaning business stand out? 

You guessed it, one of the best ways to make your cleaning business stand out is by having a unique name, one that no one has but everyone will remember. Just think about some of your favorite companies; chances are they all have a unique, clever, and great name. Think of; Apple, Google, Uber, BookingKoala; all these companies have names that can be remembered. A cleaning business is no different, especially if you’re goal is to become a big brand.

Apart from a good name, there are other ways to stand out, like having a cleaning and maid service software specifically tailored to your cleaning company. 

What else?
  • Slogans
  • Domain matching your name
  • Logo
  • Professionalism when dealing with customers and maids
  • Quick support
  • Great reviews
  • Active social media
  • Live chat on your website

All those things will help you get an edge against your competition.

How do I come up with a clever cleaning business name?

Coming up with a clever name for your cleaning business doesn’t have to be complicated, however, it may take some time. Think of the vision first, do you want to stay a cleaning business forever, or do you want to expand to other industries later? If you pick a name like ‘King of Maids‘, it will be more so geared towards the cleaning industry, but if you pick a name like ‘Handy,’ it will fit more than one industry. 

Once you’ve figured out the vision, find something short, can easily be pronounced and has the domain name available. As you can see, all the names I mentioned earlier have the same domain name.

Imagine talking to a customer and asking you for your cleaning company’s business name to visit your website. If you say something like Cleaningpros or King of Maids, chances are they will know what to write down, but if you have a 50-word name, they will struggle. You don’t want your customer struggling; in fact, you want the customer to have a painless experience all around.

The chances are that a customer will either type your name into Google or say it out loud using Siri or similar technology. If Siri can’t pronounce your name, it also will struggle to pull up your website.

The last point is for customers who will directly try and type your company name into the search box using something like www (cleaning company name) ending with dot com. You’ll also want a domain that ends in something that is most common. For example, if you live in the US, the most popular domains end with dot com for most businesses. By instinct, most people will directly type that into the search box, and if your domain ends with dot net, it will give the user an error. Some folks might not even know that dot net exists.

Those are all the reasons why it’s essential to have an easy-to-remember, clever, catchy name that matches your domain and has the most common ending in your country.

If you need some help, my team came up with 300 good cleaning company names to help you get started.

  • Dustnetic
  • Clean Unleash
  • Zippy Clean
  • Pure Clean
  • Crafty Clean
  • Dust ‘B Gone
  • Dustable
  • The Perfect Duster
  • Dust Power
  • Dust Unlimited
  • Dust Arrest
  • Clean Supreme
  • Sweep Supreme
  • Sweepopedia
  • Dustopedia
  • Dusty Devils
  • Cleanjet
  • Dustn
  • Spot ’N Shine
  • Fantastic Dutsers
  • Action Dust
  • Sweeping Actors
  • Dustellas
  • Happy Clean
  • Clean Papas
  • Dusting Daddy’s
  • Duster Busters
  • The Good Clean
  • Heavily Dusting
  • Clean Off
  • Off With Your Dust
  • Dirt Freaks
  • Cleaning Lizards
  • Beach Clean
  • Clean Snap
  • Dust Esteem
  • Cleanology
  • Dirtomatic
  • Clean Rush
  • Snappy Clean
  • Hoppy Dirt
  • Clean Bliss
  • Blissfully Clean
  • Dirt Action
  • Dustzoid
  • Dirt Anchor
  • The Dirt Wizard
  • Captain Clean
  • Cosmos Clean
  • Clean Touch
  • Dust Haven
  • Dirtshot
  • Dustscape
  • Unreliable Dust
  • Unreliable Dirt
  • Cleaning Pups
  • Escaping Dirt
  • The Dust Escape
  • Project Duster
  • The Bigger Duster
  • Dust Sensei
  • Ace of Dirt
  • Cleanopedia
  • The Clean Hustle
  • Hustle The Dirt
  • Dust Hustle
  • Zap The Dirt
  • Swipe The Dirt
  • Off With Your Dirt
  • Wild West Wiping
  • Shine My Dust
  • The Pure Swipe
  • I’m Finally Dusted
  • Dust ’N Back
  • Optimus Clean
  • Very Berry Clean
  • Highlight My Clean
  • That Clean Life
  • My O My Clean
  • Delete The Dirt
  • Delete The Dust
  • Pray Away Dust
  • Baseline Clean
  • Fadeaway Clean
  • Up And Away Dust
  • The Hustle Duster
  • Dust
  • Clean Flash
  • Dustnest
  • Trump The Dust
  • Dust Erase
  • The Dusty Choice
  • The Dust Advocates
  • Erase My Dust
  • Dust Zap
  • Salty Maids
  • Diamond Maids
  • Maid Ninjas
  • Samurai Maids
  • My Best Maids
  • Dust With A Purpose
  • Dolphin Clean
  • The Dust Tide
  • The Royal Clean
  • The Royal Dusters
  • I Got Dusted!
  • The Dirt Titans
  • Fight The Dust
  • Dustapolooza
  • The Dirty Insight
  • My Blessed Dirt
  • Forever Dustless
  • Funky Maids
  • Ivy Maids
  • Aroma Maids
  • Steamy Maids
  • The Atlantic Maids
  • Assassin Maids
  • Bishop Maids
  • Masterful Maids
  • Geeky Maids
  • Nimble Maids
  • Wise Maids
  • Ninja Maids
  • Harp Maids
  • Rejuvenate My Home
  • Rejuvenated Clean
  • Powerful Maids
  • Dreamboat Maids
  • Flamingo Maids
  • Goddess Maids
  • Smile Maids
  • Icon Shine
  • Munchkin Shine
  • Speedy Shine

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  • Mojo Shine
  • Champion Shine
  • Stylish Shine
  • Axel Shine
  • Crafty Shine
  • Crafty Maids
  • Leprechaun Maids
  • Diamond Shine
  • Bohemian Shine
  • Aquarius Shine
  • Tropical Shine
  • Atomic Shine
  • Aquafied
  • Groove Dust
  • The Effective Shine
  • Social Dusting
  • Cactus Clean
  • Smashing Dust
  • City Shine
  • Platinum Shine
  • Platinum Dust
  • Meteor Shine
  • Mach Dusters
  • Atlas Shine
  • Alpha Shine
  • Beta Shine
  • The Great Dust Escape
  • Forest Dusters
  • Dust Armor
  • Commence The Dusting
  • Beat The Dust
  • Empire Dust
  • Tower of Dust
  • Dust To The Bone
  • Baby Got Dust
  • Baby Got Dirt
  • Porcelain Shine
  • Dust To Shine
  • Gulf Shine
  • Nimble Dust
  • Herb Dust
  • Strike Out Dirt
  • Syndicate Shine
  • Flex Dust
  • CEO Shine
  • Limitless Shine
  • United Shine
  • Dust Evolve
  • Pixel Dust
  • Ink’d Shine
  • Watchdog Shine
  • Titan Dusters
  • Drip Drop Dust
  • Mystic Shine
  • Slay Dust
  • Misfit Shine
  • Absolutely Dusted
  • Planet Dust
  • Hush Little Dirt
  • Omega Shine
  • Soothing Shine
  • Wizard Dust
  • Cyber Dust
  • Shineella
  • Shadow Shine
  • Rooster Duster
  • Boost Maids
  • Beached Maids
  • Stargazer Maids
  • Cuddly Maids
  • Mammoth Maids
  • Chakra Maids
  • Ritzy Maids
  • Elastic Sweep
  • The Balanced Sweep
  • Stargazer Shine
  • Exclusive Maids
  • Heritage Maids
  • Arrowhead Maids
  • Velvet Clean
  • Lavender Clean
  • Essential Shine
  • Rapid Shine
  • Disrupt The Dust
  • Boulder Maids
  • Skyway Shine
  • Highway To Shine
  • Sugar Maids
  • Rubicon Cleaning
  • Blink Cleaning
  • Haven Cleaning
  • Cosmo Cleaning
  • Halo Cleaning
  • Lucid Cleaning
  • Faith Cleaning
  • Excel Mopped
  • Watchman Mop
  • Helios Mop
  • Aligator Mop
  • Bamboo Moppers
  • The Loyal Mop
  • Injection Mop
  • The City’s Mopped
  • Friendly Mop
  • King Mopped
  • King of Mops
  • Queen of Mops
  • Ace of Mops
  • The Mogul Mop
  • The Super Mop
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  • The Good Mop
  • The Brave Mop
  • The Brave Sweep
  • ABC Mop
  • My Enhanced Mop
  • Mopopedia
  • Eco Mop
  • The Atomic Mop
  • Earthquake Mop
  • Typhoon Clean
  • The Extravagant Mop
  • Serenity Mop
  • Prospect Mop
  • My Mop and Me
  • Titan Mops
  • Operation Vacuum
  • Nation Cleaners
  • The Dream Cleaners
  • The Holistic Cleaners
  • Trinity Cleaners
  • The Ravish Cleaners
  • Cleanerslux
  • Soul Cleaners
  • Secret Agent Clean
  • Riot Cleaners
  • Fanatic Cleaners
  • The Backpack Clean
  • Mojo Cleaners
  • Oceanside Cleaners
  • Plush Cleaners
  • Soundwave Clean
  • Pop-Up Clean
  • Magical Cleaners
  • Bambi Clean
  • Keeper Cleaners
  • Flawless Dusters
  • Magnolia Cleaners
  • Sunrise Clean
  • Alliance Cleaners
  • Ritzy Cleaners
  • Sideways Clean
  • Dynamite Cleaners
  • Collective Cleaners
  • Strapped Up Clean
  • Bad To The Bucket
  • Princess Cleaners
  • Princess Maids
  • The Sage Maids
  • Thor Cleaners
  • The Valor Clean
  • Butterfly Clean
  • Nexus Cleaners
  • Cleaners Cubed
  • Mayhem Cleaners
  • Crossroads Cleaners

These 300 cleaning business names are designed to bring more life into your cleaning business than a name that is something long and drawn out like “AJ Jones Fancy Cleaning Service.” A cleaning company name like that can be easily forgotten or looked past when a customer searches on Google. Catchy, witty, or slogan-type of names for businesses or companies are always remembered. 

The 4 best cleaning company names that I personally like out of the list are:
  • Smile Maids
  • Happy Clean
  • Aroma Maids
  • King of Mops

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To help you determine if a business name is available and unused, you can visit Instant Domain Search and start typing your domain into the search box. The system will instantly tell you if the name is taken or available for your cleaning business to use.

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