How To Use SalesHangry On Your Website

We love testing new ideas, and whenever we have a team member open, we have them work on things that may impact everyone. Have you ever scrolled through social media, found a post you like filled with hundreds of comments before? Did you find yourself stuck in the comment section for what could’ve been an hour? We like to call that engagement marketing, and we figured why not try to reproduce something like that on a website.

SalesHangry is a project we developed to help increase website engagement. The goal is to get users’ attention and engage with your site to increase the amount of time they spend on your website. By doing so, you’re creating more value, and more value equals faster and higher conversions.

So, how does it work?

First, you install the SalesHangry feedback bot on your website:

Once the bot is installed, you fill it up with things that will grab the user’s attention, such as reviews or most popular questions:

Reviews can be captured from your external sites such as Facebook or Google. Then once your bot is full, it’s ready to be interacted with. Visitors can scroll through the bot and read what’s inside the bot. They can use emojis (like, love) or even respond to what’s inside.

This allows users to feel like their input matters, and it creates curiosity. The longer they engage, and the more good things they read inside the bot, the better chance to lock in a sale at that moment.

The bot can also be programmed to shake or open up automatically right after someone lands on your website. From inside your admin portal, you can then track to see how many customers engage with the bot.

If you’d like to try the bot for your website, you can sign up for free trial by clicking this link.

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