Convert More Users Using MailChimp

Sales is the key component of any business.

Without sales your business can’t survive.

One of our main goals is to make sure we provide top strategies to help you get more sales.

BookingKoala has partnered with MailChimp in order to help you sell more clients at a lower cost.

Let’s discuss how we did that:

Cart Abandonment

When we built our booking forms it took us over 4 years to perfect the flow of the form.

We found out that by placing the email address box before a user can pick a date and time, increased sales.

Our integration with MailChimp allows the email to be captured inside MailChimp.

Using MailChimp, you can then set up an automation flow helping you sell the client if they left before completing the purchase.

The flow we found best is to email the client 4 hours after they leave the form with a coupon code:

The email lets the user know that we offer a ‘Grab A Coupon’ option on our booking page.

Once a user decides to grab a coupon, they have to share an automatic message to their Facebook friends in exchange for the code.

Once they share the message, we get more free clients and they get a coupon code in exchange that they can use during checkout.

If they don’t complete checkout, they get another email from us 24 hours later with a reminder of the offer.

The 3rd and final email we send out is a bigger offer 7 days later.

This offer is an actual coupon code that we create inside of BookingKoala and include it in the email.

If the customer comes back to book, the system will note that and move them to a different list automatically.

Other Email Lists

Let’s talk about switching of lists.

The switching of lists was created in order to help segregate your customers and in order to increase the conversion process.

We have 3 very important rules set up.

Abandoned carts

From the example above if someone leaves the form without completing a purchase, they are placed inside this list.

If they come back later and finish the booking or if they complete it right away, then they are placed in one of the lists below.

One-time clients

All clients that booked a one-time appointment are placed in here.

If they later book a recurring service or upgrade to a recurring service, they will be moved to that list.

Recurring clients

If they ever cancel their entire recurring service, they will be moved to the ‘One-time” clients list.

This method helps you segregate your lists automatically without all the manual work.

Just imagine keeping track of everything inside a spreadsheet.

Not only is this convenient but it helps properly market your services to the correct customers.

You don’t want to send promotional emails to your already recurring clients.

Instead send them more personal emails or reminders about your referral program.

This method will help you sell clients faster and with much less effort.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

To learn how to activate this feature please click here.

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