Traveling The World While Running His Maid Service Fully Remotely | Kacper P

In this episode, Kacper Piechnik, the founder of Stress Free Maids, shares his journey of starting a cleaning business while traveling the world. He discusses his favorite things about his hometown of Chicago, his entrepreneurial drive, and the challenges he has faced in managing a cleaning business. He talks dealing with difficult clients and the importance of vetting cleaners.

He goes on and shares his strategies for managing competition, prioritizing tasks, and fostering a positive company culture. He emphasizes the importance of clear expectations, financial incentives, and providing excellent customer service. Kacper also shares his hiring process and the lessons he has learned from his experiences in the cleaning industry.

He talks about his marketing strategies, including cold email and cold calling, as well as successful marketing campaigns. He emphasizes the role of technology in managing the business and the value of using the BookingKoala software. Kacper shares his plans for the future, including bringing in someone to help grow the company. 

Takeaways from the interview with Kacper
  • Vetting cleaners is crucial to ensure quality work and manage risk.
  • Cold email and cold calling can be effective marketing strategies, especially when starting out.
  • Door hangers and local marketing can be cost-effective ways to attract new customers.
  • Using technology, such as BookingKoala, is essential for managing schedules and communication.
  • Bringing in someone to help grow the business can provide more time flexibility and opportunities for expansion.

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