Moving From Belarus Her Cleaning Business Grows 40% Yearly | Olga Z

Olga Zaitsava, owner of Olga Home Clean, shares her journey of moving from Belarus to the US and starting a cleaning business. She talks about her background, the challenges she faced, and the importance of experience over a degree. Olga discusses the differences between cleaning in Europe and the US, as well as the motivation and balance needed to run a successful business. She emphasizes the value of her staff, who are Russian-speaking immigrants, and the supportive environment she creates for them. Olga also shares her marketing strategies and plans for the future.

Olga discusses her revenue and growth over the years, with a steady increase of around 40% annually. She plans to focus on finding new customers and implementing strategies to keep existing customers longer. Olga emphasizes the importance of recurring customers and the benefits they bring to her business. Her future plans include creating a franchising or partnership system to help other cleaning business owners. She praises the automation features of BookingKoala and suggests adding more payment options.

Takeaways from the interview with Olga
  • Experience and skills are often more valuable than a degree in entrepreneurship.
  • Building a supportive and inclusive environment for employees can lead to long-term loyalty and success.
  • Finding motivation in new challenges and constantly learning can drive personal and professional growth.
  • Balancing work and personal life is crucial for overall well-being and success.
  • Targeted marketing and partnerships can help attract and retain clients in a competitive industry. Focus on finding new customers to sustain growth.
  • Recurring customers provide stability and profitability.
  • Automation tools like BookingKoala can streamline business operations.
  • Consider creating a franchising or partnership system to expand the business.  
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Learn from other entrepreneurs who are using BookingKoala to grow a service business.

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