Clean Corp – 17 Years in Business and Achieving $920K in Yearly Revenue | Charnell W

Charnell Williams shares her journey of starting and growing her cleaning business, CleanCorp. She discusses the challenges she faced, including the negative impact of a Groupon promotion, and the importance of differentiating from competitors. Charnell emphasizes the significance of time management and prioritization in running a successful business. She also highlights the importance of creating a positive company culture and fostering open communication with her team.

Charnell Williams discusses the importance of creating a positive culture in the workplace and the impact of listening to employees. She also emphasizes the significance of work-life balance and shares her strategies for maintaining it. The conversation then delves into the hiring process and the challenges of finding the right candidates. Charnell explains her approach to decision-making and problem-solving, highlighting the value of gathering input from her team. The chapter concludes with a discussion on the use of employees and contractors in the business and the benefits of working from home.

She discusses the importance of using different marketing channels based on the location and target audience. Charnell also talks about the trends she has observed in the industry and how she stays on top of them. She emphasizes the value of partnerships with local businesses and the benefits of utilizing social media. Charnell shares her revenue growth over the years and the role of technology in streamlining her business operations.

Takeaways from the interview with Charnell
  • Pricing strategies should focus on attracting the right clientele and providing value.
  •  Overcoming doubts and committing to the business is crucial for long-term success.
  • Time management and prioritization are essential for productivity and work-life balance.
  • Creating a positive company culture and fostering open communication contribute to a motivated and engaged team.
  • Maintaining work-life balance is essential for personal well-being and productivity.
  • In the hiring process, it is important to prioritize personality traits and character over skills.
  • Gathering input from team members and seeking outside perspectives can lead to better decision-making.
  • Utilizing a combination of employees and contractors can provide flexibility and consistency in staffing.
  • Automating the hiring process can save time and improve efficiency.
  • Marketing efforts should focus on platforms that yield the best results for the business. Different marketing channels work better in different areas, so it’s important to adapt your strategies based on your location and target audience.
  • Staying on top of industry trends and understanding the patterns in your business can help you prepare and adjust your marketing and operations accordingly.
  • Building partnerships with local businesses can be mutually beneficial and help you expand your reach and customer base.
  • Streamlining operations and utilizing technology can help improve efficiency and scalability in your business.
  • Trusting your gut, delegating tasks, and maintaining a consistent schedule are key to success in business and life.


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