J Moving Service Explains How Easy It Is To Get Started

Grant Johnson started J Moving Service after realizing he could create his business within the matter of a day.

He is here to share his experience with BookingKoala and how he accomplished it in under 12 hours.

This is his story!

1. What Made You Choose BookingKoala?

“I had been tossing around the idea of starting a business for a few months, but I hated the idea of having to set up multiple softwares and connecting them all together just to get something to work. I was scrolling through Facebook one day at a friends house, on my phone, when I was hit with an ad from BookingKoala. Once I saw what you were all about, I basically spent the next two days reading everything I could find and watching all the videos before I even signed up. Once I signed up I pretty much knew where everything was already and what I needed to do. So, I just got started and didn’t stop till I was done. I think it took me a total of 6 hours to get everything set?”

2. What Took The Most Time For You?

“Well, I think it was a pretty even split between designing all the pages with great images and text and then the back end. When you sign up, there is default information placed already inside that is set to the industry standards, so it was just a few tweaks here and there.”

3. What Is Your Favorite Feature?

“I don’t think I can single out a particular feature that is my favorite. What I do love most, is that there is a website and a software combined into one. I can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this for the service industry before! I understand there are other softwares in this space that have similar features and functions but nobody can say they give you a free website with the software to run your business in one, besides Shopify and now BookingKoala.”

4. What Is The Plan For Your Business?

“Since I’m new, I want to focus all of my attention towards marketing and growing. With BookingKoala, I can do just that! I have everything I need all in one spot to manage the business, as well as do marketing. I understand it will take time to get my company to a solid place but this is definitely the foundation for it all. I have to admit that I have never been happier to be hit by an ad while scrolling through Facebook.”

Well we can’t help but to smile with joy from another great growth story! Thank you so much to Grant for sharing his story and how he became the fastest BookingKoala user to get their store up and running. We can’t wait to see where he is in the future!

If you would like us to feature your story please contact us at support@bookingkoala.com.

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