How To Start A Service Business Step By Step

Curious about how to start a service business? Maybe you already started, but you’re struggling to pass a million in revenue.

Whatever your goals are, I’ve been there, and I’ve seen hundreds of businesses that use BookingKoala go through this process step by step.

Here is the best way to grow a service business from scratch.

How To Start A Service Business Step By Step

Let’s get started:

1. A website with online pricing and scheduling

Why are services like Uber so successful? Because they offer customer convenience.

You can book a ride in seconds, track when it arrives and rate the service afterward.

It is super beneficial to the customer as well as to the company.

Not only is it beneficial, but it looks more professional, and adds value and trust.

Today you MUST adapt to that type of technology, or you’ll be a step behind before you even start.

You can check out our online booking software.

The platform will give you all the tools you need to compete with other multi-million dollar services.

From a website to online booking and much more:

We also made a free course to help you grow step by step.

2. Hire your first professional.

Post an AD, call the applicant, run a background check for $20 and start testing the prospect.

I made two blog posts to help you out with hiring:

Click here to learn where to find workers and click here to learn how to hire the right workers.

3. Craiglist + Reviews

This is where a lot of people go wrong.

When you launch any company, you have no brand, which makes it harder to acquire your first set of clients.

To win clients over you will have to go to a site like Craigslist, lower your prices and win over those who shop based on price.

Once you win over those jobs, your job will be to please the client to get a review out of them.

Your goal is to pick a platform like Yelp and start building a brand on thereby acquiring reviews.

Every client you get from a site like Craigslist is an opportunity to gain a new review on a site like Yelp.

After you establish yourself on such a platform, jobs will start to come in.

4. SEO

how to grow a service business

Invest in SEO or figure out campaigns that will bring you money.

This is important and can be done in multiple ways.

  • If you already have 20-30 reviews on a social site like Yelp, you can now spend money and run paid advertisements.
  • You can invest in SEO.
  • Build a social media campaign that will generate you leads.

We would advise you to go in order.

Once you start to see leads come in from a social site, start working on SEO.

Then, once SEO is also bringing in leads, start a social media campaign.

5. Expand your service

If you made it to step 5 then congratulations!

You now have a business model that can be scaled in other locations.

Check out other cities you can open up in, do your research and replicate your strategy in those locations.

Keep doing that until you are happy with your income.


Go through a list of business ideas to find the perfect service you’d like to start.

Get a website with online pricing and scheduling.

Then, hire your first professional and start focusing on reviews.

Once you figure out your successful business model, start replicating it.

There you have it!

That is how to start a service business step by step.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

"The Easiest Way To Grow A Service Business."
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