How To Scout For The Right Providers

Never take shortcuts when it comes to hiring. Your team of Detailers are going to be the ones representing you on the road, they will be your spokespeople, your brand and your advantage. Especially for the installation of car paint protection, otherwise known as ceramic coating, your Detailers need to be well experienced and skilled to perform such a highly specialized service. Incorrectly install the coating and you could be looking at a semi-permanent disaster on their paintwork. Better safe than sorry and to do your due diligence when it comes to hiring your all-star team. A big factor as to why we are the fastest-growing company in the Sydney car detailing industry is due to our determination to find the right people.

Here are ways you can learn more about your Detailers before making that big decision of whether you should hire them or not.

Organize a Phone Interview

Do take the time to have some screening questions to pick their brain, experience and knowledge. Are they as experienced as they claim to be? Will they be able to fulfil the duties we have listed in our job description proficiently? As much as you are interviewing them, they are also trying to find more about you as a company as well. So be prepared to answer their questions and aim to make them want to work with you.

Here are some of the questions we used to gather a more holistic idea of our applicants:

  • What’s your current employment situation, understand their availability
  • What are you looking for (measure their commitment and drive)
  • Tell me about your Detailing Experience (identify their work ethic and techniques)
  • How would you remove certain stains from car seats (test their knowledge)
  • How do you deal with negative feedback and reviews (are they disciplined with great customers service, do they have an attitude you can work with?)


If you were happy with the Phone Interview, proceed to the next round of meeting face to face. If you were a bit hesitant, you can either decide to scrap them or proceed to the next round but include a ‘trial wash’. Have them perform a wash and see first-hand if their quality is up to your standard and hopefully that will calm any doubts.

Set A Mini Quiz

We set a mini quiz consisting of just 10 multiple choice questions and short answers just as an extra layer of screening. Meeting face to face can be a timely procedure, traveling out and talking can easily take a few hours of your day. If you could plan your days better and more efficiently, setting a short test may be a nice way to determine whether meeting the candidate is the best use of your time.

Meet them face to face

When you have narrowed it down to your likely candidates, be open to meeting them face to face. Put a picture to the emails and so on, you’d want to at the least, have a good idea of their presentation and communication skills. They will be representing your company and you need to make sure that they will be a great reflection of your company values. More importantly, you want to build strong rapport and let them know that working together is for the best interest of both parties. Also meeting face to face is a good indication of their level of commitment and that they are serious about working with you.

Meeting face to face is a great opportunity to inspect their equipment, tools and supplies. Are they ready to take on work immediately? What are they missing and what do they need to buy?

Take this opportunity to test their knowledge and have them inspect your car to find out what can’t be fixed and why. Have them take you around their detailing process and walk you around the vehicle, this will give an idea of their attention to detail and a reflection of their experience. Someone who is experienced will have a systemic approach to detailing vehicles, they will know to begin at X, Y and Z and so on.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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