8 Must-Have Items Every Car Detailer Needs

Here, I will run you through some of the products and techniques our detailers use to make their lives easier on the job and to tackle any mobile car wash or detailing task:

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

The great thing about Multi-Purpose Cleaner is that it can be used everywhere, just as the name states. The key, however, is using the right dilutions. For certain interior plastics, you need to be cautious to have it diluted, like around 1:10 with water depending on your brand. Failing to do so can cause these smear marks to appear across the plastic. It is very convenient as it can be applied pretty much anywhere, engine bay, dashboard, console, door panels, wheels and so on. Always remember to test on a small area first before applying everywhere else, in case it aggravates a bad reaction. No need to buy 5 different cleaning agents for the car, abandon the cluster and buy a great MPC – simply use stronger dilutions for tougher stains. Cut down on the number of spray bottles in your set up with the help of a universal multi-purpose cleaner. Ultimately, you can just keep concentrate on you and adjust the dilutions accordingly to tackle the strongest and lightest of stains.

Fine Detailing Brush

A fine detailing brush is a great way to reach tight areas, especially when there is dried food in cracks and crevices (eww, we know). With a high percentage of drivers eating in the car while driving, or if not the driver, the passengers, it’s always handy to keep a fine detailing brush on standby. A tip is to spray those areas with MPC and brush it off with the toothbrush as the bristles tend to be a bit stiffer and harder than your typical detailing brushes, which are more suited towards dusting. Just be sure to vacuum afterwards or mop it up with your microfiber towel.

The brush is also great for wheels that have been heavily abused and have etched on brake dust everywhere, especially where the nuts and bolts are. Tight areas which can barely fit your finger, the toothbrush is a great way to get in there with degreaser. Once again, pay attention to the degreaser dilutions and don’t let it set on the rims for too long.

Glass Lint-Free Towels

Rather than using microfiber towels, a lint-free glass cleaning towel is the way to go. Every detailer knows that cleaning the glass window can be a pain and difficult at times, especially when striving for that streak-free finish. Stop re-wiping, stop smearing and invest in a lint-free glass towel.

Color-Coded Towels

Our detailers tend to have different towels for different areas of the car and for various uses – different sizes, colors and types. Why – because it:

  • Helps to distinguish between dirty and clean towels
  • Reduces cross contamination by allocating specific colors to certain car sections
  • When it comes to washing the towels, you know which to wash together – this ensures your towels last longer and stay cleaner every time. You don’t want to be mixing your wheel towels with your interior towels. Also note, don’t use your dashboard towel for wiping windows as this will lead to that smear/foggy appearance.


Clay Mitt

Although a clay bar is effective at removing certain pollutants from your car paint, we found that using a clay mitt was just as effective, but a whole lot easier to use and quicker. A clay bar will usually be the size of the palm of your hands, which can easily slip out during the process. Whereas a clay mitt will be bigger than your whole hand and fits snug like a glove. Drop your clay bar on the floor and off to the bin it goes, whereas with a clay mitt, you have less likelihood of it slipping it out of your hand since it’s fitted as a mitt. More surface area per stroke, a fantastic way to decontaminate the paint.

Garden Hose Winder

Save time and effort and purchase a high-quality anti-kink garden hose attached to a garden hose winder. Sick and tired of unknotting, twisting and turning the garden hose to ensure water flow is not hindered during your pressure wash, then this is your answer. The great thing about it, it fits nicely in to your boot/trunk.

Large Microfiber Mitt

Cover more surface area per stroke when you shampoo the car and purchase a large microfiber mitt. These tend to come in various shapes and sizes so put in the extra few bucks to get the large size as it’ll save you the time in the end. It would have paid itself off from the very first wash, a small investment that stretches a long way.

Vacuum Head Attachments

The flexible crevice tool is one of our favorites as it can get through to the toughest areas, especially in between the front two seats. Often found with crumbs down these areas, the flexible crevice tool can be bent and squeezed as needed.

Well, there you have it, a list of tools that detailers can use to earn great results with less effort, time and cost!

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