How To Recruit Top Detailers And Effective Job Descriptions

Before you start cracking into job boards such as Seek, Indeed, Jora, Gumtree and so on, you must first focus on developing a great job ad. Ideally, you would preferably aim to keep the description concise and interesting by focusing on your key advantages and what you have to offer to the Detailer. Whether it is flexibility, autonomy or great pay rates, let everybody know. Finding applicants is not a problem, it’s finding the right one that takes a lot of patience.

For starters, focus on your job description title and keep it simple so that there is little to no confusion.

What we did was ‘Looking For Sydney Mobile Car Detailers (Attractive Pay)

  • We mentioned the job title Car Detailer
  • We stated that it’s Mobile, so having a car is needed
  • We included Sydney to ensure that they are within proximity
  • Attractive Pay, a quick selling point to drive interest


As for the job description, don’t worry too much about your company description, but focus on how everything works. Being a part of the automotive detailing industry, this was a new business concept that we were about to launch. So for us, our description included a ‘How It Works’ section in numbered dot point format to illustrate the process involved with how you were assigned jobs. Just a few steps mentioned just to demonstrate that it was as easy as steps 1 to 3.

Secondly, we listed all our benefits such as Attractive Pay Rates, Be Your Own Boss Autonomy, Flexibility – Choose Your Own Hours and so on in dot points as well.

Next, you should be asking a batch of screening questions to help filter out qualified and non-qualified applicants. For example, some of the basic questions we used were:

  • Do you have a Driver’s License and a reliable vehicle?
  • Do you have a reliable phone with an active sim plan?
  • Do you have a Criminal Record?
  • How many years of experience do you have as Detailer?


Don’t be afraid to throw in a bigger question in there that tests their knowledge, for eg. What process do you need to follow to detail the exterior of the car or how would you wash the car if it was under direct sunlight? Yes, they could possibly copy and paste a response from Google, but this simple question could be enough to separate job applicants that just spam every ad with their application without looking at the job description. On the bright side, those that do answer the question can be classified as the more ‘serious’ applicants who have shown some commitment towards your job ad.

Also finally, don’t forget to set a positive tone. Make it sound fun and exciting to the reader – entice them to apply and be intrigued to join your super team. Hire someone who is keen to join your team and give it their all.

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