How To Market An Online Business In The Offline World

Most businesses are desperate for ways to expand their presence online. Conversely, most online businesses pay little regard to the offline world, focusing on marketing strategies like SEO, social media, and paid advertising. There are, however, many opportunities for enterprises designed primarily for the internet to promote themselves offline. Most online businesses ignore these strategies, so there is plenty of potential and minimal competition. So what offline marketing strategies should you be considering?

Speaking Events 

A speaking event might not reach the same size audience as is possible online, but you may find conversions are far higher. Speaking directly to audiences lets you build an instant rapport, putting a personality to your product or service. Many industries have live events where speakers are invited to teach or motivate attendees. Live appearances can also be used to build authority within the industry, while the recorded footage could be repurposed for online content.

Mailing Lists 

Most online marketers like the power of email marketing as they can get their message directly to a subscriber. This concept can also be applied to physical mailing lists, with leaflets or brochures being sent directly to homes. Online entrepreneurs might think this method is outdated, but it can still get excellent results. The key to success is to have targeted leads, whether you build your list yourself or use a reputable broker.


Popular industries tend to have a number of publications read by dedicated followers. Subscription numbers of print publications may have gone down over the years, but they usually have highly targeted readers. If you can negotiate an acceptable advertising rate, paying for ads can be a good way to find new leads. Building relationships with publications can also help with future exposure and brand building efforts.

Industry Events 

It is common to see industry events and trade shows, with business owners and consumers attending. You could attend an event, possibly as a speaker or with your own booth, and let people know more about your business. A personal introduction can be more powerful than a virtual one, so you could find a higher conversion rate when these consumers subsequently visit your website.


Strategic sponsorships ensure your brand gets seen by the right people. Major brands sponsor sports teams and large events because they know their target audiences will get continuous exposure to their business. Even if you have a small online business, though, there will still be sponsorship opportunities. By researching your target audience, you should be able to find an event or organization that shares a similar audience to the one you are trying to attract.

These strategies can be used in different ways, with results varying for each business. You may find that an offline marketing strategy can transform your business, but in many cases it will just become a supplementary method of driving traffic. In a competitive marketplace, though, every new lead is valuable, making the need for diverse marketing strategies ever more important. If you aren’t already implementing offline strategies into your online business, now is the time to begin.

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