6 Key Reasons Why You Need To Be Advertising On Facebook

Businesses looking to drive traffic have to make some critical decisions. Smaller businesses don’t have unlimited budgets, so they need to consider which platforms will offer the greatest ROI. Some platforms might be incredibly effective for certain industries, but don’t attract the audiences that would buy your products. Facebook stands out as a premium advertising platform today, with a huge audience and a sophisticated approach. If you have been thinking about where to spend your ad budget and which platform will suit you best, it is important to seriously consider the benefits of Facebook.

Large User Base 

Facebook has approximately 2.38 billion monthly active users. This huge user base means brands can find targeted audiences in every niche and region they require. The level of targeting is vast, allowing segmentation based on location, age, interests, and much more. One common issue with ad networks is that your desired demographics only provide a limited audience. Facebook is different, though, letting you scale up campaigns without running out of users.

Affordable Ads 

Advertising costs across all networks can vary widely. The costs will usually be dependent on the industry you operate in, with niches like business, finance, and clothing costing more than much smaller niches. Even though Facebook ad costs have risen with the popularity of the network, it is still possible to start on a low budget. Many media buying sites require a high monthly commitment, but Facebook lets you set a minimum of a few dollars if you want to start small.

Improved Branding 

While some ad networks offer the chance to direct users from one site to your landing page, Facebook is different. Your Facebook page can be highly valuable in its own right, with users following you for updates and information. You may choose to send people from your ad to an external site, but you are still branding yourself on Facebook. People interested in your niche will see your brand and advertising, often choosing to then follow your Facebook page if they like what they see.

Lookalike Audience Assistance 

The Facebook Lookalike Audience feature can help businesses to reach people similar to their current customers. Facebook have amassed a huge amount of data, so they can work out similarities between people that might not be immediately obvious. Groups of people within a certain demographic who share interests might be very similar to your existing customers. It can be tough to work out many of these connections, but Facebook has the data to do it for you.

Retargeting Benefits 

Most people need multiple interactions with a brand before they take any action. Whether you are trying to sell products or build an email list, you typically need time to promote yourself to a consumer. Facebook has an effective retargeting option, so you can promote yourself to people who have already visited your site. After a pixel has been set, people will be shown your ads across different locations, helping to familiarize them with your brand.

Range of Ad Styles 

The number of ad styles means you can always find a way to promote yourself. You can stick with a single image, using eye-catching graphics and copy to draw attention. There is also the option for carousel and video ads. If you run a service business, a collection of testimonial images can be used. Alternatively, you could capture leads directly from the ad without directing people to a separate landing page.

Advertising platforms will gain and lose popularity over time. Right now, Facebook is the platform of choice for countless marketers who are able to find targeted audiences. The amount of data available to advertisers means you can almost certainly find an audience, while Facebook can also help in identifying similar groups to your current customer base. If you have a budget set aside for advertising and don’t know what to do, Facebook stands out as the ad platform most likely to offer an outstanding ROI.

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