How To Develop A Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Local Business

Over half of all global online traffic is now generated through a mobile device, with each year seeing further growth. For a local business, catering to mobile traffic has become a must. Whether it is simply for branding purposes, or to operate an e-commerce store, consumers will expect a flawless mobile experience.

Additionally, many local searches take place while people are in the vicinity, so they will naturally be using their smartphone. In order to capture all this interest, developing a mobile marketing strategy is essential.

Ensure You Have a Mobile-Friendly Site 

Firstly, it is important to ensure your website works across all devices. Google has a Mobile-Friendly Test tool that can give you an indication of how they view your site. However, it is important to go further, looking at your site across multiple devices.

You are not simply looking to see if the site works on mobile devices, but want to know that the experience is seamless and efficient. Check that you can make purchases, leave reviews, efficiently navigate the site, and contact the support desk from mobile devices.

Join the Main Directories 

A major factor that will ensure your site shows up for relevant search queries is submission to directories. The most important target for search will be Google My Business. The main directory lets you add your business details, opening hours, images, and more, so searchers can immediately see the type of information they require. You can also find directories in your local area and specific to your niche.

Create Local Pages 

As mentioned, many searches take place when consumers are nearby to your location. When browsing in the main search engine or the map, your site needs to appear prominently when people seek out a relevant business. You can develop pages around local areas that hold relevance to your business, possibly creating separate pages if you have multiple branches. Many mobile searches have local intent, so it is important the search engines understand the area your business covers.

Text Offers 

Discounts and offers are a great way to encourage purchases, but you need to reach consumers at the right time when they are fully focused. Text message marketing is a good option for local businesses as you can contact people who are in the local vicinity. Texting can get high response rates, with a good offer only helping to increase conversion rates. You can collect mobile numbers from existing customers after a purchase or through social media contests and offers.

Create a Social Presence 

Social media is a huge part of the mobile experience, helping to drive traffic and build your brand. It is important to create and update your social media sites, potentially even making social your primary content outlet. Some local businesses have been able to build large social media followings, so they make updates first on social media, helping to create instant responses to content, offers, and news.

A local business without a focus on mobile will be missing out on a great deal of targeted traffic. You may still attract people to your site, but a poor user experience will negatively impact your brand. There has been a consistent growth in mobile traffic for many years, with no sign the tide will turn.

However, local businesses actually have a great deal of opportunity to tap into mobile interest, creating a stellar experience that enhances their reputation. If you don’t already have a mobile marketing plan in place, now is the time to start.

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