5 Tips To Gain New Customers In 30 Days!

By now, you should have your company all set up, have business cards, flyers, website or Facebook/Instagram page and whatever other marketing vehicles you choose. The following steps will guarantee you clients in 30 days!

1. Family & Friends

Utilizing your warm market is the easiest way to gain clients FAST. Family & friends are essential to the lift off of your business. They ARE your hot/warm market. Make phone calls, send text messages, make an announcement at the next family event. Do whatever you have to do to let them know you just started a new venture and YOU ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Be excited because energy transfers. Give them a few flyers to give to their friends and connections. Create a discount just for family and friends and let them know. You can do this through the BookingKoala platform.

2. Social Media

In today’s world, social media is EVERYTHING. Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to market your new (or established) business. Create posts about your business and what problem your company solves. Provide a way for your peers, who will become customers, a way to contact you. Remember to leave a phone number or email address or both. Utilize pictures to your advantage. Talk about the problem and how that problem makes them FEEL. Consumers buy on an emotional level. Show your target market that you understand their pain and you have a solution for it! Utilize Facebook, Instagram, even LinkedIn!

3. Foot Canvassing

Foot canvassing is just a nice way of saying… door-to-door. This can be intimidating for those who’ve never been in sales or just don’t know how to foot canvass.  Write a script. You can find sample scripts online and tailor it to your style.  Practice on family and friends. It can be something as simple as “Hi my name is _________________, with {company name}. We provide {whatever your service is} to companies like yours. Is it okay if I left my business card or flyer behind?” Also ask who is the person that handles that. Get a name and ask if they are either there or if they have a business card. Getting their business card is VERY important. It has all of the key information you need. Name, Phone number and email address. You will use this to build your contact list. And you can follow up with them via phone or email. Look the part! If you have a branded shirt with your business logo, wear it! Look like a business owner! Remember first impressions can make or break the deal.

4. Join Organizations & Groups

If you are shy, you may want to change that QUICK! The pain of change is much less than the pain of regret. You may think you are in the service business. But you are in the PEOPLE business. Learn and study people and you will never have to worry about getting in front of potential clients. Join your local chamber. Become an officer or leadership role if possible. There are business groups such as BNI (Business Networkers International) as well as industry specific organizations. If you own a cleaning company, you may want to look into real estate groups, or neighborhood groups. Introduce yourself to everyone in the group. You can even do short 1-on-1 meetings with the ones you feel may be a client or great referral source (center of influence). Get used to “grabbing coffee” with people. This gives you an undistracted opportunity to learn about them, and educate them on the benefits of your company.

5. Networking Events

You’d be surprised the traction you can gain so quickly from attending a networking event. You can meet ONE person who can change your business; change your life. Have your cards/flyers, etc, Look sharp. Smile. Be excited!  Make a goal for yourself. What goal do you want to accomplish at this event? It could be “I want to collect 10 business cards” or “I want to set one appointment with someone from this event” and hold yourself accountable. Find events on that are convenient to you. There are free events and some may have a small fee. You can also search for events on Facebook. Remember to follow up with everyone you meet. Most deals are not closed on the first conversation. It may take a second, or third, or even a fourth to get the business. But once you build that relationship, you’ve built it forever as long as you deliver and provide a quality service.

Remember, it’s easy to START a business, but get good at people and you will always STAY in business. Do these steps above and you are guaranteed to get clients in less than 30 days!

Always Stay positive. Be aggressive. Be visible.

Good luck!

Talk to you in 30 days with your newly acquired clients!

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