Using Pinterest To Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Many may not be aware of it, but a novel method is available online that allows businesses to increase their client lists. Pinterest Business will enable you to connect your cleaning business with over four hundred and seventy million users worldwide. Considering that Pinterest has this free option known as Pinterest Business available to companies, there is no reason why you should not be using Pinterest to get more clients for your cleaning business. Pinterest is best described as a visual discovery engine. Think of it in terms of a Google image search whereby a user types a search term, and results with pictures are listed on the page based on relevance. Pinterest functions similarly except that it is organized by site-specific categories and includes topics ranging from automotive to recipes to pet grooming tips. In addition, you can create your own original Pins, or you can Repin other user’s original Pins. Pins allow you to create individual posts that include a link back to your websites, such as a Google or Yelp Business page, ultimately driving additional traffic to your cleaning business.

Taking advantage of Pinterest Business will allow you to reach a broader range of potential customers. You will first need to sign up for Pinterest Business and create and edit your profile to begin the process. Next, you will want to start making what are known as “Pins.” Creating Pins will allow you to showcase your cleaning business’s talent, as well as promote site content. Finally, if your business’s budget permits, Pinterest Business has an optional add-on feature that allows you to run advertisements by promoting your Pins within the website. For a small fee, you can help bring in even more clients to your cleaning business.

Creating Your Pinterest Business Account and Profile

To begin gaining more clients for your cleaning business, you will need to sign up for Pinterest Business and create a profile. Customizing your profile will help to make your business stand out to those who view your Pins. First, you want to upload a cover for your profile. Be sure to choose a memorable and distinctive photo that can easily be associated with your cleaning business. When you upload your cover photo, you will crop and pan your image as needed. You can also edit the information regarding your business operation hours and contact information within your profile. Be sure that this information is up to date so that potential clients will always have the easiest method of contacting your cleaning business.

In addition to ensuring your profile details are accurate and uploading an eye-catching cover photo, it is a good idea to visit your account settings and turn on direct messaging. By doing this, you will add a message button to your page, allowing potential clients to contact you directly. Additionally, you have the option of listing your cleaning business’s phone number and email address. It is essential to understand just how important this option of direct messaging is. Of the millions of individuals who use Pinterest, how many do you suppose are only active on Pinterest and not on any other sites. This is something you have to keep in mind. While it may seem redundant to list your contact information repetitively, it is wise to remember that not everyone is active on every platform or is familiar with every website. Ensuring multiple channels by which potential clients can contact you dramatically increases the number of clients you will have.

Creating Pins and Posting Repins

Creating Pins is where the opportunity to think outside of the box to draw customers to your cleaning business is presented. Creating a Pin allows you to share an idea, promote your services, and even provide tutorials. When you make a Pin, it includes your choice of an image or short video in addition to a link to your specific site. Because of the various options available when creating Pins, there are endless variations of the types of content you can make to assist with getting new clients for your cleaning business. Therefore, you want to be sure you are innovative and original when creating content for your Pins so that your work will stand out. For information that is not original and belongs to someone else or originated from someone else, remember to post as a Repin instead of a Pin.

The most critical step in creating your Pin is to choose the format that best fits your needs. Since your end goal is to obtain more clients, you want to be sure the design you are choosing will somehow be relevant to your cleaning business and a topic that a potential client may be likely to click on. One of the most straightforward formats to use for creating your first Pin is the product format. While this format is titled to lead you to believe you must be selling a physical product, you can actually use this format for marketing your service. Instead of listing a singular item, you can simply list the price for one specific service that your cleaning business offers. When you have chosen the product format, you will want to upload an image linked to the service you are offering. For example, if you are posting a Pin regarding cleaning and producing like-new baseboards, find a way to creatively display that specific service. The space used to present your Pin is limited, so you have to be creative in the image you choose to ensure it is eye-catching and will draw in potential clients. This type of Pin will assist in increasing your clients because it allows you to create targeted posts with specific keywords. The more detailed the descriptive words of your Pin are, the better. By choosing one service, it is easier to use descript words so that someone looking specifically for baseboard cleaning is more likely to locate your cleaning business.

A second format that would be an excellent option to use is the idea format. The idea format allows you to tell a story across multiple pages. Using this format will be helpful for your cleaning business to present short stories such as a time-lapse video compilation of a cleaning job demonstrating the before and after effect of using your services. Choosing the ideal format would also be helpful for your cleaning business to present how-to videos to potential clients. For example, individuals may be looking for how to clean a specific household item. By providing Pins that match their search criteria, you will be able to direct people back to your own business site while also providing them with valuable information and tools that they can use immediately before ever even committing to using your services. This second type of Pin will assist in getting more clients because those individuals who are browsing generally are in search of useful content. When valuable content is discovered, individuals are more likely to follow the embedded links and further research into the business. As a result, your cleaning business can draw in much more attention, and in this way, it will also be creating a foundation and namesake for itself.


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Creating an Advertisement Through Pinterest

If your cleaning business’s budget permits, allocating a small amount of funding towards advertisement can always be helpful. After you have taken a few weeks to consistently create unique Pins and balance those out by sharing other people’s original content through Repins, you can create an advertisement from your Pins. Pinterest Business makes using advertisements simple as the site will guide you through each step for creating one. As with your Pins, when you create an advertisement, you will have the option to use several different formats. When just starting out, the best option is to stick to the standard format until you have had a chance to review your initial ad performance and better understand how to promote your cleaning business.

The advertisement option of Pinterest Business will lead directly to an increase in the number of clients for your cleaning business due to many reasons. The first is that Pinterest Business uses automated targeting based on details from your Pin and can be narrowed down even further by specifying particular demographics such as a user’s age, gender, location, or language. This is helpful because if your cleaning business is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, you will likely not want to purchase an advertisement that will target users in Leavenworth, KS. This type of targeting helps ensure your advertisement is placed directly in front of the perfect subset of users who are most likely to purchase your services.

Additionally, the advertisements you create through Pinterest Business will also increase your cleaning business’s number of clients by running advertisements based on specific topics and keywords. For example, you may use only environmentally friendly cleaning products when providing your services. So, including this topic and keywords related to “environmentally friendly” in your advertisement will help target the appropriate niche of individuals. This will also ensure that your advertisement is presented mainly to those likely to be interested in your services. This type of targeting has become much more sophisticated to truly get the most for your money.

A third method that is useful when using advertisements through Pinterest Business is using what is known as an “Actalike.” Actalikes allow your cleaning business advertisements to match customers who have similar characteristics to those who browsed and interacted with your site or purchased your services. This option for advertising is only available in the United States. It offers a way of narrowing down your advertisement to an even smaller pool of individuals. You may choose to alternate when purchasing advertisements to maintain a balance and ensure you are not inadvertently excluding individuals who may have an interest in your services but do not meet the criteria you are setting forth. Overall, advertising allows your cleaning business to gain new customers by finding near-replicas of those who have already proven to be interested in your services. Putting your cleaning business in front of individuals with these matching interests through advertisement will gain your business more new clients as more individuals find that your services match their needs.

With each advertisement that you create for your cleaning business, you will have the opportunity to view the analytics and track the ad’s performance. This is an important feature, and Pinterest Business offers it for free. This tool allows you to optimize your ads and understand what works and what does not work concerning drawing clients in. For example, if you see that your engagements are low, you will want to evaluate your advertisement to understand why it is not enticing enough people to click on it and discover more.

Overall, using Pinterest Business is an excellent method for obtaining new clients for your cleaning business. Beginning the process by creating your account and profile, you can quickly start to see a difference in the traffic your cleaning business is receiving. Creating Pins is the key to acquiring new clients. Pins allow you to share helpful content that links back to your own personal site. The more exclusive the content you provide, the more engaged users will be, and they will find themselves wanting to know more about the cleaning business behind the Pinterest Pin. Frequently posting a variety of Pins by keeping a schedule or using an automated system will help net the best results when speaking in terms of getting more clients.

Remember, you can increase your client list with just the free Pins if you are continuously active and engaged. If you do want to speed up the process and bring in even more new clients, you can also create advertisements on Pinterest Business. Advertising allows your Pins to target specific niches and topics that you have specified, helping to ensure your services are being viewed by those who are likely in need of them. Though creating advertisements does come with a cost, Pinterest Business allows several options for customization based on the price and length of time you choose to promote your Pin. If you complete your cleaning business’s profile with specific information and details and continuously provide updated content via Pins and Repins, you will soon begin to see your number of clients increasing, especially as your Pins begin to be Repinned by others.

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