Sweeple Generates $150,000 In Revenue Per Year All With A Virtual Assistant | Jeb P

Embark on the remarkable story of Jeb P, the visionary entrepreneur who didn’t just acquire a cleaning company; he revolutionized it. Meet the mastermind behind Sweeple, a thriving cleaning service based in the vibrant city of Birmingham, Alabama, boasting an impressive $150,000 in annual revenue. What sets Jeb apart is not just his acquisition strategy but his innovative approach to business operations.

With a keen eye for efficiency, he has transformed Sweeple using cutting-edge technology, relying on a virtual assistant to orchestrate the intricate dance of managing clients, schedules, and resources. Join us as we unravel Jeb P’s entrepreneurial journey, exploring how he has harnessed the power of automation to redefine success in the competitive cleaning industry.

Topics covered in the interview with Jeb P

The top 10 topics Jeb P covered to help you start a cleaning business

1. Why did you buy Sweeple?
2. How much did you invest in the business when you first started?
3. What is your experience and background?
4. What does your hiring funnel look like and your best practices for hiring?
5. What are your marketing strategies and successful tactics?
6. What makes you stand out from your competitors?
7. How much time did you spend in the beginning on starting your business vs how much time you put in now?
8. Where do you see your business in the next 5-10 years?
9. What is one feature that we have that you could not live without?
10. What drew you into using BookingKoala and why?

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