How To Promote A Local Business On A Budget

Where once local businesses used online marketing as an added extra to their offline efforts, now the roles have switched. The growth of mobile devices means that businesses can reach customers based on their location and proximity. Online marketing tends to be at the forefront of a campaign, with a range of strategies now available. While there are plenty of promotional options, some might be prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, though, there are a number of promotional strategies that can be used without spending excessively.

Buy Facebook Ads 

If you are working with a limited budget, paying for ads can be daunting. Facebook, though, lets you target specific groups with a spending cap. You can start small, increasing limits when you start to see results. It is important to track results, so you know if an ad campaign is working. Depending on your business, you can set a goal as a purchase, a direct contact, a scheduled appointment, and more. Another effective strategy is to advertise a coupon code, tracking the number of customers who used the discount.

Use Retargeting 

Retargeting is a great way to follow up with visitors, ensuring they become familiar with your brand. You can use retargeting with Facebook and other platforms, promoting offers to visitors who have had some initial contact with your business. Retargeting is another paid form of advertising, but you can again set limits and goals to ensure you only scale up when you are comfortable.

Create a Local Hub 

Both local people and visitors to the area often search for information about the location. People may want to know about popular activities, sites worth visiting, nice restaurants, and anything else relevant to your location. Creating a local hub lets you become the go-to resource for these questions. You get to offer valuable information, while also promoting your own business to targeted groups.

Promote Customer Reviews 

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important to the sales process. Customers want to know they are not wasting their time and money with a business, so seek out reassurance from others. Simply gathering reviews is only the start, though, as you want to make opinions accessible. Start to promote reviews and testimonials on your website and social media, highlighting quotes that help sell your brand to new prospects.

Experiment With Social Listening Tools 

Social listening can offer valuable information to local businesses trying to find a targeted audience. You can use the tools to find out what people are saying about your business, what they think of your competitors, the topics that interest them, and any industry frustrations. With this information, it is possible to craft content and sales information that speaks directly to your ideal customers. Also, you can build target audiences and engage with them, whether directly or via social ads.

Ensure Your Google My Business Is Updated 

Google My Business is one of the best promotional tools for local enterprises. Google is commonly used to search for local information, so you get to place your business prominently in the search results. A quality profile will include complete business information, opening hours, images, videos, and reviews. You can also use the service to add extra info like coupon codes or upcoming events.

Host a Social Media Contest 

Social media contests are great ways to get targeted attention from prospects. You can use hashtags to help the contest go viral, with local users often having a number of friends who would also be potential customers. Offering a product or experience that would only suit potential customers will ensure you limit the interest to just your target audience.

Digital marketing offers plenty of opportunities for local businesses. Even if you are operating with a small marketing budget, there are methods for reaching targeted audiences. In most cases, local businesses will want to reach a smaller audience that fits into a narrow grouping. Online targeting, whether using free or paid strategies, makes this accessible. For businesses willing to be creative and hard-working, these promotional methods will be enough to grow a significant audience.

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