Grow Your Online Business With These 7 Simple Changes

Most successful entrepreneurs take a varied approach to building an online business. There will be long-term strategies focused on building a recognizable brand. Also, there will be methods that improve your current operations, helping to increase subscriber numbers, improve the conversion rate, and other similar metrics. It makes sense to dedicate time to the broader aspects of business building, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the simpler methods that can offer quick results. The following tactics can be implemented quickly, helping to add incremental growth to your business.

Use Live Chat 

Live chat is a useful way to assist site visitors, collect contact information, and increase sales. Most visitors won’t immediately think of using a support desk, but a prominent live chat facility feels quick and easy. You can go further by using a chatbot, reducing the need for a comprehensive support team. The chatbot will understand common questions, so users can get immediate answers.

Segment Your Email List 

Many businesses have one central list and send all messages to this same group of people. You can, however, improve results by segmenting people into different lists. You could, for example, create a list of buyers, which will typically be your most valuable asset. Depending on how people respond to messages, you can send different emails that stand a better chance of resonating with the segmented list.

Create Social Media Bonuses 

Social media is a great way to build your business as there are countless targeted users available to you. Unfortunately, though, it can be difficult getting people to share content. Using social bonuses or rewards lets you incentivize the process, increasing the chances that content will be promoted. You can use social rewards tools to encourage both users and employees to be more active on your social media accounts, offering product discounts, vouchers, and experience days.

Build Product Bundles 

If you sell a range of products, creating bundles can encourage customers to purchase more. A bundle could be simply a few products offered at a lower price than when purchased individually. Alternatively, you could develop exclusive packaging and build a limited edition offer. These types of offers can broaden the appeal of your products and actually lead to a higher overall order value.

Use Retargeting Ads 

It takes a lot of work to bring consistent traffic to your website or landing pages. Unfortunately, most visitors will leave without taking any action. Many of these visitors just need more encounters with your brand or a different message, though, so you need to make further attempts at interactions. Retargeting ads let you show your branding to these people across multiple platforms as they browse the web.

Run a Contest 

Contests are useful for growing your business without too much effort. You can create a prize that will suit your target prospects, reducing the number of entrants who only want the free gift. You can run social media contests, using tools that automate the process. You can also use a contest to reengage people who have stopped opening your emails as much and need a push.

Build a Useful Tool 

There is a lot of potential for free tools that provide a valuable service to users. The tool could be a simple idea, but it can bring consistent traffic back to your site. If you are in the fitness niche, for example, a simple nutritional calculator offers something of value to dieters. Try to think about areas in your niche where a simple process could be streamlined with a tool.

Business growth is often associated with big changes and vast spending. These factors can be important when scaling up a business, allowing you the freedom to invest in product development, marketing, and more. However, you can also look at your existing approach and find ways to improve your strategies. In most cases, it is possible to gain new visitors, subscribers, and customers will little extra effort. Growing your business is an ongoing process, so any small gains should be taken seriously.

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