6 Vital Elements Of An Enticing Offer

Attempting to promote an average offer is an incredibly difficult proposition. Every aspect of your sales and marketing needs to be finely tuned if you expect high numbers of people to invest. Conversely, if you have an enticing offer, you can make some marketing mistakes and still experience high demand. The offer is not just the product you have for sale, though, with factors like price, delivery, convenience, and support all coming into play. So how can you craft an enticing offer that streamlines the sales process and creates high conversions?

A Clear Explanation 

If your offer is difficult to explain, it is unlikely to be a great success. While your product or service might be complex, the broad idea should be easy to explain. Most people in your niche will approach an offer with some industry knowledge, so you just need to explain what your product is and why it stands out.

You may be attempting to solve a recognizable problem, simplify a process, or provide some value that is highly desirable. Boiling down the offer to its clearest benefits will ensure visitors instantly see the appeal.

A Good Deal 

For an offer to be enticing, enough visitors must feel that a good deal is being offered. A deal won’t be attractive in isolation, with the industry as a whole impacting consumer perceptions. You may offer a similar product to competitors at a more affordable rate.

Alternatively, you may be discounting the price for a limited time. If an offer is more expensive, you need to load more value into the proposition, possibly adding bonuses to the main product.

Provide Proof 

Your offer will inevitably make a claim, whether it is a solution to a problem or an improvement to an aspect of your life. Simply making the claim, though, will not be enough to convince most people. Offering proof of your claims can remove the natural barriers people put up when they know they are being marketed to.

Testimonials are a great way to offer proof, showing the opinions of real people who purchased the product or service. You can also provide proof through video demonstrations and by understanding the common reservations people have.

Provide Scarcity 

Scarcity is an important element that encourages consumers to make an immediate purchase. If people feel they can take their time and come back later, many visitors will leave and not return. Scarcity can be used to prevent procrastination, with limited time offers, limited stock, and the possibility of  a price rise helping to encourage purchases. It is important, however, that any scarcity is real as using the tactic falsely will damage credibility.

Strong Guarantee 

A guarantee can be used to remove any last doubts a person might be having. If someone has spent time looking into your offer, but they are reluctant to take the final step, the guarantee ensures they can get a refund if they are not satisfied.

Rather than just offering consumer protection, though, the guarantee can be used within the marketing, showing you are convinced buyers will be satisfied. A guarantee could offer a refund within a set time period, though you can go further and offer something more eye-catching like a double your money back guarantee.

Call to Action 

A call to action is an often overlooked part of an offer. You can spend time detailing the benefits of your offer, but then not direct people on the next step. While it is easy to assume people will know what to do, visitors might be seeing your offer page for the first time, so a percentage of them will need direction.

Typically, offers feature a number of call to action elements, including text links and buttons. You can also use a video to verbally tell people what to do to secure the offer for themselves.

Creating an enticing offer should be one of the first things you do. With an offer that has immediate demand, tweaking your marketing and sales processes becomes far easier. A great offer will provide discernible value that can be simply conveyed to prospects.

When people understand the value they are getting, as long as you’re targeting effectively, you should be able to convert a high number of visitors into sales. Of course, there are many other facets to building a profitable business, but starting with an enticing offer will put you in place for a successful journey.

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