3 Quick And Easy Ways To Keep Your Employees Motivated

It’s safe to say, running a business is NOT an easy job. However, if you hire and retain the right people, it can be. Attracting, motivating and retaining good talent is one of the things that can make your service business BOOM!

These next 3 tips can help you keep your team motivated.


Giving your employees praise when they do a great job, or go over and beyond is one of the BEST ways to say “you’re doing a great job” and keep them motivated. And guess what the cost is…. NOTHING!!! Giving them recognition not only says you appreciate them, it also gives them a sense of security and boosts their confidence. When the emotional connection is there, it kind of encourages them to CONTINUE to do the right thing. Consistency will keep your service business on top of the competition.

Find Their “Hot Button”

Everyone, no matter who it is, has a hot-button. A hot-button is an emotional trigger that gets your employee so fired up they will want to do whatever it takes to solve the issue, or achieve the goal. You can find your employee’s hot-buttons by simply asking questions. Ask them questions to find their hot-buttons the same way you ask your prospects questions to find pain. A few examples: What are your short term goals? What’s your “WHY”? How much money would you like to earn on a monthly basis? It could be anything that you can hold them accountable to. After you find their hot-button, you can utilize that to hold them accountable and keep them motivated! Explain to them how working for your company can help them reach their goals. Connect with them on an emotional level.

Give Rewards

Sure employees get paid for what they’re supposed to do. But when you get rewarded with things like gift cards to your favorite coffee shop, movie tickets, or a fun day at a team building event, it encourages them to push for something more than just a paycheck. It also improves the culture of your company and makes it a fun environment to work in! Everyone loves rewards. Start today! You can even give an “Employee of the Month!” shout-out with their picture on your company social media page! With this, they can share it to their own profile, which in turn is FREE marketing for your company and rewarding them at the same time. How great is that?!

Employee retention is increased by a fun and attractive company culture. Keeping employees motivated helps create that culture. Try all of these above today and watch your company improve! Your company is only as great as the people it employs.

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