$25,000 Per Month Under 4 Months | Richard Pacheco II

Richard Pacheco II, who started Jac Cleaners, is now doing around $20,000 – $25,000 in monthly revenue since he launched his cleaning company about four months ago. In a 8-minute interview, he details how he’s done it. The entire interview can be watched included with your BookingKoala Education Membership.

Other videos that Richard Pacheco II made for you

Richard Pacheco II made four total videos to help you start a cleaning business
  1. $25,000 per month in under 4 months: a 8-minute video of his background and story.
  2. Forming the company: a 2-minute video on how and why he formed his cleaning company.
  3. Getting first 10 clients: a 3-minute video showing you how he got his first ten paying clients.
  4. Contractor versus employee: a 3-minute video explaining if you should go with contractors, employees, or both.

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