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Clean Up

CleanUp the app is a family-owned business born from the needs of a family who believes in the importance of a clean home and peace of mind, but not at the expense of limited quality free time. We are a business firmly rooted in our principles of trust, community, convenience, and choice.

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Unfortunately we cannot give an exact price but we can tell you that the average cost for house cleaning around the San Antonio area ranges between $105 and $145. Some companies charge per bedroom and bathroom some charge per square feet and some charge per package. 

There are companies that charge a set amount such as 12 cents per square foot. Some charge with a minimum amount that needs to be met, such as $100. The average cost for house cleaning around San Antonio ranges between $105 and $145. You can save money by increasing the frequency of the times your professional cleaner comes to your home.

Not all companies will offer the same services. A lot of them do have a multitude of services that you can choose from. Some that you can see are move in/out, deep cleaning, green cleaning, post construction and more!

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The San Antonio area is a vibrant community of caring and resourceful people. With over 1.5 million people living in the San Antonio area it is safe to safe that you will always find something to do. From the riverwalk to museums you can spend plenty of time sightseeing and taking in the sights and sounds.