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First of all, the business must be a Premium BookingKoala user. Using our highly adaptive booking software, we allow all customers to book and manage the services that they ordered anytime, receive SMS and email notifications and reminders about the cleanings, leave reviews directly through their accounts, and refer any friends and family through a loyalty program.

Secondly, all these businesses must have a minimum number of completed jobs and a total number of reviews. This is to make sure that they are a verified business and are heading in the right direction!


Philadelphia Premium Cleaning Services

Maid Service Direct

We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. All of our cleaners are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home.

Clever Clean Philly

Our brain is hi-jacked by the job, the side hustle, the to-do list, meal planning for the week, mom's birthday, cousin Fred's retirement party, and the peace rally in Love Park. Reclaim your time and brain cells by letting us take Cleaning off your hands.

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For one-time cleanings there is not a set price that we can directly quote. Most of the cleaning services listed have minimums that you must reach in order to book. Others have time restrictions that you must meet, like a 2 hour minimum. The average cost for house cleaning around the Philadelphia area ranges between $105 and $145. 

The average cost for a house cleaning service around Philadelphia ranges between $105 and $145. Prices vary for recurring services because some businesses offer discounted rates or specials for the frequency of the cleaning. They use either a certain dollar amount off or a percentage. The more frequent the service the higher the discount. 

Most businesses offer a variety of services that do include move in/out among others as well. 

Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia PA area is home to over 1.5 million people. When visiting, you must stop at all the historical American Revolutionary sites. So much of American history can be found in Philadelphia making it a wonderful place to visit. If you are into movies then stopping at the famous “Rocky” steps where Sylvester Stalone famosuly filmed himself running up them during the movie Rocky.