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We Have W-2 Employees and we run payroll through a third party service. Each pay period, we have to enter the total hours our employees worked, miles driven, and tips into the payroll software. We would like to be able to find this information within Booking koala but there isn’t really a page built to find this information quickly and easily. The closest page that would suit our needs is the booking time logs page. But there needs to be more data and a few additional features to really make this page useful for payroll.

It would save us a lot of time as well as help us budget for expenses if we could see the following information on the booking time logs page:
– Provider pay for each job
– provider tip for each job. If there is more than one provider assigned to the job the tip should be divided evenly between them.
– The total amount owed to all providers for the given time period. We can see this from the reports page but it would nice to see it here too so that we don’t have to go back and forth between pages.
– total hours worked by each provider in a given time period
– total tips earned by each provider in a given time period
– total miles driven by each provider in a given time period
– total travel time for each provider in a given time period.
– reimbursement request type and amount for each provider on each job.
– Total reimbursements and the reimbursement types for each provider in a given time period.

The following features would also be helpful:
– ability to export this data to a spreadsheet
– Filter by provider
– Filter by contractor or employee
– ability to adjust how much tip should go to each provider on each job. We have managers who work in the field with providers sometimes and they don’t take a share of earned tips. So it would be helpful to be able to adjust the manager’s share of tips to $0 and give the tips to the providers.
– Ability to mark each time log as approved so we know which ones have been reviewed.

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