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I would like to see some improvements To the way payroll is managed by Booking Koala.

As it currently stands, when I pay staff I do not use BK or Stripe to directly pay them as I have to account for time spent travelling between jobs and calculate tax and National Insurance deductions too.

In booking Koala there does not appear to be an option to view a providers total hours worked but only how much the system thinks is owed. Which is awkward for two reasons in my case. One) I cannot view Hourly pay Separately to tips received.
Two) I cannot include time spent between jobs which I have to calculate manually.

I would like to see an improved format to see a breakdown of tips and hours worked. I would also like to be able to calculate hours worked based on the start of the first shift of a day and the end of the last shift of the day. More akin to rostered shifts than hour at each job.

Hopefully that makes sense. = )

By Jonathan

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