Using Google AdWords To Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Google AdWords, also known as just Google Ads, has been around for quite some time now. It is a time-tested method to assist in getting clients for your cleaning business through online advertising. Once you have reached a point within your business growth where you can invest in a paid advertisement, Google Ads is an excellent option for advertising, especially if you are a newcomer to online advertising. With Google Ads, you can target the right customers while staying within your preset budget. Before you get started, be sure you are logged into the Google account with the Business Profile that you want to be connected to your AdWords account. Getting started is as simple as clicking “Start Now” on the Google Ads homepage and taking a brief survey. The next step is crucial and entails writing your ad, which is broken down into three parts, creating a mini-summary, drafting the ad headlines, and writing the ad description. Next comes another essential element: adding keyword themes to your ad that match it to individual searches. Once you have selected your keyword themes, you will need to determine where your ad will be shown geographically. Finally, you will want to review your ad statistics and make any changes to your advertisement that will help boost the clicks on each specific ad. 

Sign-Up and Survey Commencement

When you first click on the “Start Now” button, you will be prompted with a survey to assist in targeting the customers in the best method possible. The three options are “Get more calls,” “Get more website sales or sign-ups,” and “Get more visits to your physical location.” Now, assuming you are relatively new to the industry, and as a cleaning business, you likely are not concerned with generating foot traffic to your office since your business requires you to go to the customer, so the third option can be taken off the table. That leaves the two selections “Get more calls,” or “Get more website sales or sign-ups.” 

You should already have a free Google Business Profile set-up so that you can link your ads to your profile until you have your own domain and website set up in the future. Choosing to get more website sales or sign-ups will be the best option to move forward with acquiring new clients for your cleaning business. Once you have made your selection, you will need to enter your business name and website. The website you will want to enter here is your free Google My Business website, which will appear as “” After entering your website, a preview will be shown to confirm you have entered the URL accurately. The survey will continue when you click “Next” to allow you to begin creating your very first ad campaign. 

Writing a Mini-Summary for Your First Ad

So you’ve set up your account and linked future ads to your free business website, now it’s time to get your hands dirty. It may be tempting to jump straight into typing up what you imagine will be the most fantastic ad ever written when presented with this screen. Then reality hits; you have never written an ad before, and you have no idea why three different “Headlines” are listed. It is critical what information you include here because how you word your ad will be a huge determinant in how many people will engage with your ads and how many of those engagements will lead to gaining new clients for your cleaning business. 

First, you want to make sure that you have created a well-rounded mini business summary on which you will base your ad. There are a few key elements to remember when generating your mini summary. To begin, be sure that you can briefly explain the services your business provides. Additionally, you want to ensure you have a general idea of the type of customers you are trying to reach. Finally, be sure that you have identified what your cleaning business offers that makes you a better selection over a competitor. 

Creating a practical business summary requires that you can consolidate your business description into one or two sentences. Here you want to generate one or two sentences that provide a dynamic narrative of your cleaning business. You may, for example, say that your cleaning business offers services to residential clients including apartments, and single-family homes. Next, you will want to have the ideal customer in mind and describe that customer specifically in a brief sentence or two. Finally, you will want to identify your cleaning business’s specific strengths. For example, does your cleaning business offer a particular cleaning process or use a specific trusted brand for cleaning? Whatever your niche within the cleaning business industry is, figure it out and make sure it is a part of your mini summary. 

Developing Eye-Catching Headlines

Once you have taken the time to perfect your mini summary, you are ready to begin looking at each element of your first ad. The first three fields are Headlines one through three and will appear in Heading style text next to each other. Bellow that, will be to additional fields in which you can enter the description for your particular ad. Finally, there will be an option at the end of the form that allows you to enter your phone number so that potential customers can call you. This is an option if you prefer to give customers the capability of contacting you via phone. Though many have moved more towards emailing and texting for assistance, some individuals may prefer to call. 

Generating a good headline can be accomplished relatively easily. This portion of your ad is significant because it will be the most apparent portion that viewers can see, so it should definitely be something that can be easily recognized and noticed by viewers. In addition, you want to throw in a touch of your unique creative skills at this point to make sure that your business is not just one of many others. In a sea of companies available to provide similar services, it will come down to how well you can capture the attention of potential clients and translate that into gaining new clients for your cleaning business. 

When creating your headlines, you want to keep a few key factors in mind. First, your headlines should include relevant keywords. Second, it needs to be evident to the potential client what kind of services you offer and precisely what you are advertising. If the purpose of your advertisement is unclear, it will deter people from clicking your ad, resulting in fewer new clients for your cleaning business. When writing your first headline, you also want to be sure that there is something unique about your advertisement. For example, you may format part of your headline as a question by asking, “Has Spring Cleaning Begun?” Another extraordinary method for drawing in clients with your headline is to include statistics or numbers. Numbers sell, there is no doubt about it, and having them in your headline can be a savvy method for drawing in new clients to your cleaning business.

Writing a Purposeful and Succinct Description

Once you have chosen an appropriate headline, you will want to provide a description to be shown beneath the text you enter for your heading. The description is a vital piece of the advertisement, and keep in mind that space is limited. You have to be creative and get your message across within the specified number of characters allowed. This part of the process will take you a little longer, but you must invest the necessary time into perfecting your description as it directly impacts your ability to get new clients for your cleaning business using Google AdWords. Your description is your opportunity to map out the specifics of what you are attempting to convey within your advertisement. What you come up with during this step will directly impact how successful you will be moving further along in the process. If you slack off during this step, it will only be more difficult later on down the road. 

First, when writing your description, be sure not to use generic phrases and claims, and seek to create a unique description that will make your cleaning business stand out. Using numbers and symbols in your description will help to draw the attention of potential clients. If your cleaning business offers services at a reduced cost, translate the savings into a numerical value. For example, you could say in your description, “15% Cheaper Cleaning Services. Save 10% Off By Scheduling a Cleaning Today!” Here you can insert any information that may be relevant regarding your cleaning business and elements you believe will assist in drawing in new clients quickly. Notice how the use of symbols and numbers adds an element of excitement to your ad and makes it pop off the page at the reader. This is something you want to keep in mind when writing your description and perhaps think about you personally and what makes you drawn to an ad that you see online. 

Choosing Keyword Themes

Since this may be your first time creating online ads, you may not be familiar with keyword themes. Keyword themes are phrases or words that match Google searches to the advertisements that you create. If you choose the correct combination of keyword themes, you will reach a greater audience, and you will also reach an audience of people who are actually searching for the service you are providing and specializing in. As a result, getting more clients for your cleaning business can be achieved, but choosing the best combination of keyword themes is a critical skill to master. For example, if you select the keyword theme “restaurant,” then your ad would be eligible to be shown when someone searches for “restaurant near me,” and “local restaurant.” Understanding this type of link will assist you in creating successful ad campaigns to gain more clients for your cleaning business.

When choosing your keyword themes, it may be challenging to decide which keyword theme to choose to best bring in the most clicks. First, you want to be sure that you attempt to generate at least seven different keyword themes. You want to have a decent amount of keyword themes, but developing too many different ones can result in your ad being shown in searches with less relevance. Try to limit your keyword themes to a maximum of ten. Keyword themes cannot contain punctuation, URLs, or phone numbers. It is also important to remember that keyword themes also cannot exceed 20 characters. 

In addition to aiming for seven to ten different themes, you want to take this opportunity to think about how customers would feel. For example, imagine if you were online and searching for a cleaning business. What keywords would you use when searching within Google? Taking a moment to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and figure out how they would search for your business can be extremely useful in choosing the best keyword themes for your ad. 

When you are thinking like your customer and deciding on which keyword themes to use, you should also keep your advertising strategy in mind. With each ad, you should focus on what you are trying to present to the individuals who may click on your ad. For example, are you advertising a specific service such as window cleaning that your cleaning business offers? Do you want people to know how fast your services are? Or are you more focused on the residential multiple-room cleaning services that you offer? Here is your opportunity to choose a niche and focus solely on that niche within your ad. It will make the ad more effective. If you plan to advertise for multiple services, such as if your business also does light commercial cleaning, you want to create a separate campaign for that. If you do not separate them, you will end up getting poor results on your ad campaign. You would want to choose different keyword themes, so advertising both commercial and residential cleaning services within the same ad would not be a good idea. Another thing to remember is that the choices you make during this initial set-up are not permanent, and if you see specific trends later in the future, you can make necessary changes to your keyword theme choices. 

Choosing Where to Advertise

The next step in creating your ad is to choose the location for which you want your advertisements to be shown. This is of great importance because advertising within too wide of a region can be detrimental, but so can advertising within too narrow of an area. You will have to find a balance point to ensure your advertisement is shown in the correct locations. Especially being a cleaning business, it is likely that you are not offering your services across the entire state. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to figure out the best geographical estimate of how wide of a range your services extend to.

When given the option to advertise your business in a particular area, you are offered two different options. One option allows you to enter an address and advertise within a set mile radius of that specified address. The second option will enable you to pick specific zip codes, cities, or regions. As a cleaning business, this will be another crucial point in how many clicks you get that are relevant, leading to gaining more clients for your cleaning business. First, if you are a smaller cleaning business, the best option is to choose an address and a specific mile radius within that address. This limits where your advertisement will be shown within a specified mile radius. This is important because entering a zip code can mean an extensive area to service. If your cleaning business is not yet that large, you may not be ready to provide services across an entire zip code. 

If it turns out that you would prefer to choose specific cities or zip codes that your advertisement will be shown to, be sure to take a look at a map before making any selections. View the specific cities you are entering to be sure that you indeed are able to provide services to every corner of that city or zip code that you are choosing. Keep in mind that selecting a broader range for your ad to be shown can be helpful because more individuals will see your advertisement; you just want to make sure that you can provide services to all areas included in your range. 

 Choosing the Best Budget Option 

Now comes the fun part of creating your advertisement, the payment portion. Google AdWords is helpful in the sense that it allows you to set a specific budget so that you always know how much is being spent on your advertising costs. You will be presented with three different options, the first being for a small budget with a maximum of approximately $100 a month. The second is a mid-range budget with a maximum of about $250 per month. Finally, there is a higher range budget with a maximum of approximately $500 per month on advertisement costs. A daily average is shown with each option and an estimate of how many clicks each amount equates to. For Google AdWords, you only pay for the number of clicks you get on your advertisement, so it is possible that you may not spend the estimated averages that are shown here. 

As a beginner, the best option to choose would be the mid-range option. This range will allow about 100-200 ad clicks per month, giving your cleaning business an excellent opportunity to gain new clients. Additionally, this mid-range option is affordable, and you may not even end up spending the max amount since the amount you pay will depend on the number of clicks on your ad. Once you have selected the best budget option, you will want to review your ad, confirm your payment details, and submit your advertisement. When submitting your first advertisement, it will cause a temporary hold to be placed on whichever card you choose to use, so keep that in mind.


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Review Ad Statistics and Make Changes

Once your advertisement is live, there are many ways for you to review and confirm that your promotion is successful. You may think that it would be good to not max out on your advertising costs, but remember, you pay per click, so the less you are spending, the fewer clicks your ads are receiving. The key element you want to review once your ad has been up and running for a week or so is to examine the clicks, impressions, and click-through rate. These can be located in the statistics table of your account. The number of clicks equals how many times your ad is clicked on. The impressions are how many times your ad is shown. The click-through rate is how many times your ad is clicked on divided by the number of impressions. A reasonable click-through rate to expect is about 1%. When reviewing your stats, this is the number you want to look for. 

Your statistics table will also tell you about your ad performance. You can see the state of your ad, which is whether it is running or paused. You can also see your ad relevance listed here. This is important because it lists a keyword and how closely that keyword relates to your ad. Having a below-average score in this area indicates that you should update the text within your ad to better correlate with your keywords. A below-average score means that even if you are getting clicks on your ads, they are likely by individuals who are not genuinely looking for the specific service you are providing. As an alternative, you may want to split your advertisement into two different ads that better relate to the specified keywords. Having separate ads that are more specific is always a better option than trying to advertise more than one particular element at a time within a single ad. 

Another element within your statistics table is keyword performance. Keyword performance shows keyword status, which indicates if a keyword is eligible to be used. You will also see here what is known as a Quality Score. This is important because the higher this score is, the less expensive your ads will be, and you will get better ad placement when your quality score is high. To improve this score, make sure that your keyword themes pair well with the ad you have created. If you are continuously making ads with keyword terms that are irrelevant and leading to poor click-through rates, the algorithm will automatically begin to place your ads less and less prominently. You want to ensure that the content you are providing is accurate and that you are taking the time to ensure that when you are creating ad campaigns, they are congruent through the headline, description, and keyword themes. 

Additionally, you can see actual search terms that were used that drove traffic to your ads. It is vital to view which search terms are driving traffic to your ads because if you notice that certain irrelevant words are constantly causing people to click your ads, you will want to add those keywords as what is known as negative keywords. Negative keywords will prevent your advertisement from being displayed on those specific terms. Here you can also use the data you find regarding search terms to update your keyword themes. If you see certain words that led to clicks on your ads but are not a part of your keyword themes, you will want to go back and add those in to optimize your advertisement and increase your chances of gaining new clients for your cleaning business. Taking advantage of the relevant statistics will lead to gaining more clients for your cleaning business more quickly.

Overall, it is a great idea to use Google AdWords to get more clients for your cleaning business. Google AdWords has been proven to be a successful tool for advertising and creating ad campaigns that draw more new clients to your business by targeting clients using keywords and eye-catching headlines and descriptions. In addition, Google AdWords allows you to set your budget and continuously manage and update your advertisements as needed. Beginning the process for gaining new clients for your cleaning business starts with creating a new ad. After you have logged in to the business account that you want to have linked to your Google AdWords account, you can begin the process of creating your first ad. If you do not connect your accounts, some of the features will not be available to you. Be sure you have also already completed your free Google Business website so that you can link to your website from your ads. If you have not completed your business website, you will not have a URL to provide to link to when you begin creating your advertisement. 

Start the process of writing your ad by generating a mini summary of your business. You likely have already composed a business plan at some point, so here you want to summarize your business in a few sentences to assist in writing the best advertisement. The mini summary will help you as you begin creating your headline and description for your ad. If you do not start the process by writing a mini summary, you will have difficulty successfully making a compelling ad that will draw in clients to your cleaning business. Drafting the headline and description of your ad are possibly the most challenging process of using Google AdWords to get more clients for your cleaning business. Here you have to be sure that you are getting your message across but within a limited number of characters. You do not want to sound generic, but instead, you want to have content that will stick out and cause potential clients to click on your ads and learn more about your cleaning business. The headline and description portion of your advertisement can positively make or break the ad campaign. 

Once you have solid headlines and descriptions for your advertisement, you move on to add keyword themes to your ad campaign. This portion can be difficult because you want to ensure that the keyword themes you select are relevant and will drive the correct customers to your website. If you mistakenly choose irrelevant keywords, you run the risk of getting high amounts of clicks but no requests for service because the individuals end up not looking for what your business has to offer. This is why it is so vital to review your ad statistics once you have gotten everything up and running. As previously mentioned, it is possible to have keyword themes that inadvertently sabotage your ad campaign. When this happens, you have to be sure you are reviewing your ad statistics so that you can catch it and intervene before it costs you too much money. Paying only for clicks is definitely helpful, but if those clicks are from people who would not be purchasing your services no matter what, then it still turns into a waste of invested funds.

Paying for an advertisement may seem daunting, and you may be unsure if it is worth it. However, if you are sure to follow the outlined steps and create multiple ad campaigns for separate specific services or promotions that you are offering, you will definitely be able to get more clients for your cleaning business. Google AdWords provides the ability to continuously monitor the success or failure of the ad campaigns that you are running. You can pause campaigns and make endless amounts of changes to them as well. If you notice that a particular campaign is doing somewhat poorly, it may be best to scrap the entire campaign and start new. Taking advantage of the option to review your clicks, impressions, and click-throughs will assist you in your reach for success. If you are constantly updating your ads and keeping fresh content that draws in potential clients, you will continue to gain new clients for your cleaning business.

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