Using Accept/Decline Scheduling To Hire More Independent Contractors

If you’re working with Independent Contractors, you may want to check out our accept/decline scheduling feature. This feature was designed to help you attract more Independent Contractors. It will also make your life easier because if someone doesn’t like the job, they will just decline it. If you’re using our other scheduling option, the contractor will have to call or email you, and you’ll have to move the job from them manually.

How does this option work?

The job will be added to the Unassigned Folder whenever a customer books. Then the first person towards the top of your priority list that is available will get a notification that a job is available. If they decline, the next person in order of priority will get the notification to take the job. While each person is invited to take the job, anyone can take the job from the Unassigned Folder. Everyone also will get a notification that a new job has been added to the UF, and the first person to grab it will be the one who ends up with the job. To summarize, everyone can fight for the job simultaneously, and the first person to take it will get the job.

Why you will like this option

If you start using this scheduling option, you’ll enjoy it because it comes with many benefits. 

Helps the Independent Contractor case

First, it helps you fight the case that your contractors are actually contractors (assuming you’re doing everything else right). When onboarding ICs, you want to make sure you don’t control them, and this option will make it optional for them to choose whether they are interested in taking a job from you or not.

Workers like this option

Whether you are an employee or a contractor, choosing what you do matters. This option can be very beneficial because your ICs or employees get a say at what jobs they want to perform and what jobs they don’t want to perform. Even if you’re hiring employees, you don’t want to force them to do jobs they don’t want to do. Forcing anyone to do something will lead them to quit.

You’ll attract more ICs

Many people love working as Independent Contractors because they can choose how much they make and when they get to work. This option helps them decide their schedules because they get to pick the jobs they want at the times they want. It also helps them determine the amount of money they want to make because they see pricing and decide if it’s worth their time or not. Advertising this type of flexibility in your ADs will help you grab more ICs.

It will make your life easier

If workers decide what job they want to do, it’s less likely that they will turn down the job after they take it. If you force a job on someone, they will go over the details, and if they don’t like them, they will contact you to get rid of the job from their schedule. If everyone else is already booked up, you might end up canceling the appointment. This not only takes time on your end, but it can lead to an angry customer.

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