How Much Can A Window Cleaning Business Make

Starting a window cleaning business, also known as a window-washing business, has recently become a more lucrative business venture. A 2019 statistic provided by the American Cleaning Institute indicated that windows were identified as the number-one priority for a staggering 49% of spring cleaners. 

As such, a window cleaning business has the potential to elicit mid-to-high range annual revenue amounts. However, determining how much a window cleaning business can make depends on several factors. First, the state where the business is carried out sometimes significantly affects the median revenue for window washers. Additionally, business factors specific to each business entity will weigh heavily on the potential income a window-washing business can expect to make. 

Annual Revenue for Window Cleaning Business Varies by State

According to Zippia, the average annual revenue for a window cleaner ranges from $19,000 to $38,000 annually, depending on the state. Since the figures presented are averages, there is, of course, the potential to generate more than $38,000 annually. Regarding individual states and their average annual revenue, Mississippi had the lowest average, and California had the highest standard. 

When attempting to value the potential revenue a window cleaning business will generate, it is crucial to consider area-specific factors such as living costs in a particular state. Although an annual amount may seem low compared to others, it is likely on par with salaries in that region. The cost of living can vary drastically, even in neighboring states. 

As a result, there is destined to be a considerable fluctuation in the statistical data for annual amounts for each state. However, so long as an entrepreneur reviews the averages and agrees that the amount is sufficient, a window-washing business can lead to much higher annual revenue if an individual business owner chooses to expand their window cleaning business. 

The presented amounts are for one individual window cleaner. Therefore, the quantities given do not consider the alternative of a business owner creating a team of multiple individuals for the window washing business to more efficiently complete jobs and take on more work. Understanding how expanding a business to include additional workers makes a quickly increasing revenue stream is vital for any entrepreneur considering taking a leap into the window cleaning business

Evaluating Business Factors that Will Affect Revenue Projections

As any entrepreneur should be aware, several individual business factors will also affect the amount of revenue a window cleaning business can be expected to generate. For example, there will be a difference in income per job if cleaning residential windows versus commercial ones. These differences are essential to be aware of because even minor miscalculations can lead to inaccurate and skewed revenue predictions. 

For example, say an entrepreneur plans to begin a window cleaning business, initially starting as a sole member of the business entity. Suppose the entrepreneur chooses to focus on residential window washing opportunities. They may estimate $50 per job, completing five daily assignments in that case. To calculate the annual salary based on these factors, multiply the $50 per job times the five days to get a daily revenue of $250. If the entrepreneur works six days a week, the next step would be determining the weekly revenue amount.

To determine the weekly revenue amount, multiply the $250 daily revenue times the six days a week that the business will be open to reaching a weekly revenue amount of $1,500 revenue per week. So the final step in calculating the annual revenue for a residential window washing business would be to take the weekly revenue amount of $1,500 and multiply it by the 52 weeks in a year for a grand total of $78,000 revenue annually with just one individual cleaning residential windows, performing five jobs per day, six days per week. 

Alternatively, an entrepreneur may choose to focus solely on commercial window washing. In this case, the figures used to calculate the potential annual revenue will vary slightly. Still, they can substantially impact the final possible annual revenue amount. 

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Say, for instance, the individual estimates jobs to cost an estimated $75 on average for commercial window cleaning services, and they plan to complete four appointments per day. Calculating the daily amount earned requires multiplying the $75 rate times the four jobs for a daily revenue of $300. If the plan is again to work for six days out of the week, then the $300 daily revenue amount must be multiplied by the six days for a weekly revenue total of $1800. 

Taking the weekly total of $1800 and multiplying it by the 52 weeks in a year results in a final estimated annual revenue of $93,600, significantly higher than the estimate reached for only providing residential window washing services. Hopefully, now having seen the calculations, it is more comprehensible why individual business factors weigh heavily on the potential annual revenue. To accurately estimate annual revenue as close to the actual figure as possible, the business must use its own service costs. 

Finally, another factor plays a significant role in estimating annual revenue for a window cleaning business. Each of the two previous estimates has related to revenue with only a single worker. What if the window cleaning business were to have multiple individuals working at once? In such an instance, calculations will need to be adjusted to account for the additional workers. This may mean that 12 jobs are now able to be completed per day instead of merely four to five.

It is easy to see how adding additional workers can quickly increase a window cleaning business’ projected annual revenue. Therefore, most entrepreneurs starting a window cleaning business will likely want to work toward expanding the business’ workforce. This will maximize yearly revenue by allowing the company to accept more clients and work more quickly and efficiently.

In sum, a window cleaning or window washing business can be quite a worthwhile undertaking. Looking at national averages, the annual revenue for an individual window cleaner ranges from $19,000 to $38,000. Several factors will affect the potential a business has for yearly revenue.

Moreover, a business can substantially increase its annual revenue by expanding its workforce to include more window cleaners. When calculating an estimate for annual revenue, a simple formula can be used to help obtain an accurate figure.

First, multiply the cost for one service times the number of times the service was completed in a day. Suppose it turns out that the business has a range of services. In that case, this calculation should be done for each separately priced service, adding the totals together to formulate the daily revenue. The daily revenue amount can then be multiplied by the number of days that will be worked in the week. This will result in a weekly revenue total. Finally, the weekly revenue amount can be multiplied by the 52 weeks that are in a year. The final amount will be the estimated annual revenue for the business.

Especially for a commercial window cleaning business, revenue can easily reach $90,000 or higher, quite a return for an easy-to-establish window washing business.

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