$0 To $20,000 Per Month Growing A Mobile Car Wash Business | David Bui

David Bui, an entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia, started a mobile car cleaning service to help those who don’t have time to clean their vehicles. In less than 24 months, Schmicko managed to reach $20,000 in monthly revenue.

When and how did you start your business?

“I had the idea of an on-demand car wash & detailing service about 5 months ago, in which I was able to do a soft launch just recently over the last month. I drew inspiration from the US market, particularly the on-demand services industry and saw that there was a gap/opportunity here in Sydney, Australia. On a personal note, I’ve had bad experiences with car wash cafes ranging from long waiting times to mediocre washes. With a hint of research and past negative experiences, Schmicko was born – car cleaning at your convenience.”

What are your goals for your business?

“Being so early in our infancy, our primary objective is to achieve awesome brand equity. We want to be known as a trusted, reliable and convenient car care solution. Not many are aware that such a service exists! So our primary objective here is to first build awareness/educate and then, ensuring that we are the first ones that come to mind when someone is looking for a mobile car wash/detail.”

How did you hear about BookingKoala?

“At the time, I was using Launch27 and was experiencing several limitations to their features and functions. Seeking assistance from a friend who has been in the field for quite some time, he recommended that I try out BookingKoala, which was coincidentally launching in a week or so. With the Forever FREE available (plan no longer offered), I had no reason not to give it a go and have yet to regret that decision.”

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How do you plan on leveraging BookingKoala to grow?

“Now, I am subscribed to the middle package (today uses Premium package), which has all the nuts and bolts to get you started. However, as we grow, there will be a need to upgrade to the last package as it delivers more marketing features as well as some fleet management functionality via the app, which are great, but not a must have currently.

Based on basic supply and demand economics, our trigger to upgrade will be activated once we reach enough providers (supply) to the point where there is a greater need for additional marketing to stimulate demand or vice versa.”

Would you recommend BookingKoala to a friend?

“Well that’s how I heard about BookingKoala and I wouldn’t hesitate to pass that favour over to anyone thinking about starting a local-service business. I find it encouraging that developments are continually being rolled out, which shows that they are always improving and more importantly always listening.”

What’s David up to today (24 months later)?

Learn what David accomplished 24 months later after starting his business and using BookingKoala.

In less than 24 months (2019), Schmicko reached $20,000 in monthly revenue. Bui mentions that he focused on business management and operations during those months, which he believes are essential parts of the business. Automation is another important factor that contributed to his growth. To learn about business management, operations and automation, please watch the entire 4-minute video.

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BookingKoala Education

Learn from other entrepreneurs who are using BookingKoala to grow a service business.

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