3 Best Ways To Protect Your Valuables During A Move!

At some point in your life, you will be forced to move from one place to another. Whether it’s into your new college dorm or it’s into your first home, you will want to take all measures to protect your valuables. In this post we have teamed up with some of the top moving companies across the country for their best advice on how to protect your valuables.

Intense Movers:

Intense Movers is a moving company based in Brooklyn, NY.

“One great thing most people don’t do is put their lamp shades in boxes. You would be surprised at how many people don’t think of doing that. Another thing worth mentioning would be purchasing your own mattress covers. We recommend a website called Lastly, always let your movers know about any glass or fragile items and most importantly, if there are going to be issues with large pieces of furniture and small hallways. We get a lot of clients who move into a new unit that has a tight stairwell or door frame and their over-sized couch or chaise lounge won’t fit into the new place. Always take measurements in advance.”

EQ Movers:

EQ Movers is a moving company based in New York City, NY.

1. Local Move in NYC: Have someone watch the truck during loading/unloading.

2. Interstate Moving: Make sure that the company you hire is not using a subcontractors.

3. In general: Pack important documents, passports, cash, jewelry, laptops, etc., separately and move it yourself. 

College Men Movers:

College Men Movers is a moving company based in Los Angeles, CA.

“When engaged in planning your move, be it across the hallway or across the country, using plenty of newspaper inside your fragile boxes will go a long way in protecting your most valuable property. The movers will be using blankets and cardboard on most of your furniture, therefore it is always best to concentrate your efforts on bubble-wrapping and newsprint-wrapping your “fragiles” and “smalls” as we call them, ahead of the movers arrival. We also prefer the use of only small and medium size boxes, as anything larger then a medium box or heavier than 45 pounds should be prepped by the movers, we typically pack larger and heavier items into wardrobes. I hope this helps you plan a safer and more successful move!”

Vector Moving:

Vector Moving is a moving company based in Jersey City, NJ.

“Start packing early, this way you will have a clear plan on how you will want to handle your valuables. Decide what you will move on your own and what the movers can take.

If moving nearby, it is worth it to spend a little time to take some of the valuables by yourself and make a couple of trips. This will save lots of worrying and guessing on how the movers are protecting those items and will make the move run with full confidence.

Also depending on the size of the valuable item, use a small sturdy box to fit as many as you can and make sure to label it. Keep it in a place to let the movers know to take extra care of it and place it on top of the boxes when they put things in the truck so it doesn’t get squeezed under heavier items.” 

Mic’s Moving

Mic’s Moving is a moving company based in Washington, DC.

“We recommend you point out to your crew any highly valuable furniture so we know to adequately protect it with moving pads and stretch wrap. Any smaller items of extraordinary value (items that are greater than $100 per pound), you should pack and move before hand on your own.”

Solomon And Sons

Solomon & Sons is a moving company based in Aventura, FL.

“It can be devastating when you pack a beloved keepsake only to open the box later to discover that it’s broken into 6 different pieces. Make sure your household items arrive safe and sound by using these expert packing tips.

When packing dishes, use white china wrap. Wrap each dish individually, and remove any extra space so they won’t move around in the box. Use a dish box, which is a thicker, sturdier box made to protect fragile pieces like dishes.

When you prepare to pack your flat-screen TV, wrap the corners with Styrofoam. Put the TV in the box by itself. It’s best to pack the cable, remotes, accessories, and stand in a separate box so that they don’t have the opportunity to move around and damage your TV.  Again, use a double-walled box to lend extra protection, and be sure to fill all the extra space with paper or foam filler.

Your move can be a successful one if you take the time to follow these tips for packing your household items. Avoid the stress and expense of broken or damaged belongings, Solomon & Sons has all the necessary tips and advice for any relocation.”

Bargain Movers:

Bargain Movers is a moving company based in Gaithersburg, MD.

“The first is if they are going to pack themselves. We advise to pack smaller valuables in small sturdy boxes. They want to make sure to use adequate amount of bubble wrap or packing paper. Also to make sure they fill in all the voided space within the box with paper so that there is no movement. This will greatly reduce the risk of any damage.

We also advise our customers, if they have any family heirlooms that simply can’t be replaced or expensive jewelry they should pack those separately and take them with them on the move. Accidents happen and if items are not properly packed, damage can occur. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say, so we would prefer to take proper precautions from the beginning.

They should also evaluate what type of coverage they obtain either through the mover or even home insurance. We advise our clients that they should check with their home insurance carrier and see if their move is covered in the policy. Sometimes it is and they do not need to purchase any additional valuation coverage. Either way they should take pictures of any high value items so they have a record in case a claim needs to be filed.”

Best Movers:

Best Movers is a moving company based in Falls Church, VA.

“One way to protect your valuables is to cardboard them. If you have china or antique items, for example, go for kitchen moving boxes. These boxes are heavy duty cardboard that give extra protection. Place your valuables in the box and fill it up with packing peanuts. Then secure the box with tape.

Second way to protect your valuables is to use moving blankets and shrink wrap. Due to their thickness, moving blankets provide great protection and that’s what you need for your valuables. Wrap the blankets around your valuable of choice, shrink wrap it, then secure everything with tape.

Third way to protect your valuables is by using bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides great cushioning to safeguard your valuable items. Just take out your bubble wrap, roll it around your valuable, and secure everything with tape.”


Dolly is a moving company based in Seattle, WA.

“Keep your most valuable items in your own hands. High-value jewelry and key documents (like your social security card and birth certificate) should never go into the hands of movers – even if they’re buried in wrappings. Even the highest quality, white-glove movers sometimes lose or damage items, so your extreme valuables are safest in a backpack kept on your person or in your personal vehicle.

Pack your larger valuables the right way. When it comes to items like flatscreen TVs and antique furniture, pack things correctly, and don’t skimp on correctly sized boxes, moving blankets, and new packing styrofoam.”

Bookstore Movers:

Bookstore Movers is a moving company based in Hyattsville, Maryland.

1)   “Leave yourself enough time for packing. This usually takes far longer than you expect! We’ve had many clients still packing when we arrive, and it can really complicate the logistics of loading items into the truck in an optimal manner. We recommend trying to have it all done the night before to give yourself a cushion.

2) Labeling a box’s contents makes a mover’s life (and yours!) simpler and helps your mover take better care of your possessions.  It’s very important to label fragile boxes so your movers are aware. We also recommend you group them in a corner, out of the way of moving traffic.

3) Remove and box up items from any dresser, desk, file cabinet, wardrobe or armoire. This makes these items much safer to move. We strongly suggest packing electronics in their original boxes if you still have them. You may want to dis-assemble antique clocks, and pack the various moving parts (chimes, pendulums, etc) separately.  Be sure to pack and pad picture frames and other artwork adequately as well.”

Phoenix Movers:

Phoenix Movers is a moving company based in Arlington, Virginia.

1. “Prior to a move, any breakable items such as sunglasses, candle holders, or anything delicate should be removed from all drawers. When furniture pieces are moved they are often, after having been wrapped, turned on their side or even upside down while in transport. The shifting of delicate items within drawers often leads to their damage.

2. In order to make the unpacking process easier and a lot less stressful set aside a couple small boxes for items that you will need the same day you move into your new home. In these boxes you would place things like medications, remote controls, dog leashes, bathroom toiletries, etc. These small boxes should be clearly labeled and the movers should be asked to place them on the truck last.

3. If you are doing the packing yourself for your move it is very important to box everything that can be placed in a box. Small loose items are very time consuming to move due to the multiple trips needed to move each individual item. This can substantially increase the cost of your move. Being packed and ready when the movers arrive will save you time and money.”

As you can see, there are numerous ways to protect your valuables during a move. If it’s across the hall of your apartment building or across the country, make sure to take these steps to heart when moving.

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