Why Is My Business Struggling To Get Social Media Followers?

The huge growth in social media usage means it is now a priority for most businesses. Customers expect to see a social media presence for their favorite brands, using the platforms to engage in a variety of ways. Social media can be used as a customer support tool, a content hub, an entry point into a marketing funnel, and much more.

Gaining a social following, though, is easier said than done. Many users do not like the idea of following business accounts, attempting to limit marketing messages within their feeds. However, with the right techniques it is possible to gain a large following who are happy to engage with your brand. The following reasons might indicate why your business is struggling to grow a following.

Not Posting Consistently 

Social media is not something you can just dip into, posting updates on an occasional basis. Users expect regular updates and conversations, with the engagement levels going up the more you post. Many businesses struggle to think of ideas, so they gradually pay less attention to their social profiles. However, creating a content calendar ensures you stick to a schedule, exposing your brand to increased numbers of users.

Speaking to the Wrong Audience 

Across the various social media platforms, users can be found with all types of interests. This diverse audience is a positive thing as it means you can almost certainly find a targeted audience within your niche. Unfortunately, though, you can often try to reach a broad audience that won’t respond to your branding and marketing. To avoid this issue, keep your content highly relevant to the niche you operate in, limiting the focus of your output.

Not Promoting Your Social Accounts 

Businesses can often treat social media as something distinct from the rest of their operations. Of course, you can build a following organically by posting great content on your social feeds. However, you can quicken the process when you promote your social profiles on your other channels.

Linking your blog to your social media and promoting your primary accounts can make a big difference. Also, if you have a list of email subscribers, adding links to your social media accounts within your messages can direct users to quality content.

Failing to Network 

Communication is central to social media, but businesses can often focus on outward promotion. Posting your own content is important and helps to draw attention to your output. However, engaging with others is also a vital aspect, with networking helping you to build your following through mutual promotions.

When bloggers and influencers in your niche post content, it is good to get int the habit of reposting the links and commenting on their views. You can quickly grow a social circle that promotes each other and starts discussions whenever something substantial is posted.

Not Engaging with Followers 

Many people follow business accounts for customer support, discounts, and product launch news. Followers expect to be able to communicate with businesses about these factors, particularly if it involves getting assistance. When other accounts see this engagement going on, they are more likely to follow. However, if they only see updates and promotional posts, there is less reason to follow you and your follower numbers will suffer.

Lack of Hashtag Promotion 

Hashtags are an effective way to collect niche content on social sites. Users can look at relevant hashtags and find the type of content they want. If you can post engaging and targeted content based on a focused hashtag, you can capture the exact audience you are looking for. Businesses that don’t use hashtags make it harder to be found, so it is unsurprising when they limit their follower count.

Social media can become a core part of your business, leading much of your marketing campaign. In fact, many businesses lead every campaign with social media, using the platforms to gain some initial momentum. Whether social media is a primary sales channel or just a supplementary one, it needs to be taken seriously.

Gaining social media followers is not easy, with many users having mixed feelings about including business accounts on their feed. However, by following these techniques, you should be able to grow a targeted following that engages with your brand.

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