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Getting Started

Is there a setup fee?
There are no set up fees. You will be billed monthly based on the package you select.
Do I need a credit card to get started?
Absolutely not! You do not need to put a credit card till after you're 14 day free trial is over if you wish to continue.
What kind of discounts do you offer?
We offer a 15% discount when you pay up front for 6 months and 30% discount if you pay upfront for 1 year (discount is applied towards the monthly fee and the number of service professionals).
Can I change my plan later on?
Absolutely, you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime!
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes there are no contracts or commitments.
How long are your contracts?
There are no contracts when signing up for a month-to-month plan however if you want to receive 15% OFF or 30% OFF on your plan you may sign up for an annual plan or a 2 year plan.
How easy is it to set up my account?
It takes less than 60 seconds to set up your store! Once you start your free trial you will be asked what industry you are in, then a store will be set up for you based on the industries top...
Is BookingKoala secure?
Yes, we use the highest level of security for our site in order to make sure you data is safe at all time!
Are your themes conversion tested?
Yes, we create themes that help you convert at the highest levels, based on research and testing.
Do you offer free themes?
Yes, you may choose out of free themes to be installed on your site along with a form ready to go all in under 60 seconds.
Can I use my own domain name?
Yes, you may push your site onto your live domain without bookingkoala in your URL.
How can I access all my data?
Great question! All of your data is kept in a cloud database and it allows you to log in from anywhere in the world and view your customers data at anytime.
What are themes?
Themes are pre-made websites. You purchase a theme or select a free one from our category and once installed on your domain you will have a ready to go website with our booking software.
Does BookingKoala have an APP?
Yes! We developed an app on IOS and Android devices for your customers and your service Providers. All you have to do is download the app, configure it and whenever someone searches your name in the app store or google...
What is BookingKoala?
BookingKoala is Shopify for the service industry! We help businesses manage all of their appointments in the best way possible to replace office staff and save money for the things that really matter such as growing and expanding your business.

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