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could we have the reminder notification activated without having to check the ‘Cash/Check’ option?
This is because we only want customers to book using credit card, but as an Admin, at times we need to book it as cash/cheque temporarily until we get the card details (eg. customer says there card is not with them or need time to get their card, at least we can secure & park the booking whilst we follow up the card details afterwards).
Really don’t want to go down the pathway of opening up cash/check as a payment option for the sake of the reminders notification.
We end up trading away more than we gain -eg. no card details = no cancellation/scheduling fee can be charged, it reduces commitment from the customer as there is no hold on the card (they could do a no show without any ramifications). Holds our providers at ransom (not paying until we are 100% satisfied – this can easily be abused in favour of the customer)

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