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I noticed that currently, it’s possible to charge a customer the “one time” price if a recurring job is cancelled after the first clean.

I have two suggestions which would send me over the moon with joy if they could be implemented.

1. allow the option to charge for an initial cleaning price if cancelled within “x” number of cleans. Sometimes (in fact, most of the time), a single job isn’t enough to make up for the discounted time put into an initial cleaning. This may also require some customization in the way initial pricing is determined. Sometimes an initial clean costs $50 more. Other times, it’s $1000 more.

2. Allow jobs to be invoiced automatically based on the Actual frequency of cleaning. For example, someone signs up for bi-weekly cleaning, but cancels their third clean. It would be nice to have the 4th clean charged at the monthly rate instead. If a customer adds in an extra clean, have the weekly price charged instead. Essentially, have the pricing be determined based on the time since the last job, not based on the promise of a recurring schedule.

I haven’t looked at everything yet, but so far the software looks really impressive.

By John

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