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Hi Team Bk

Your locations has exact match. this works for zip codes as zip codes are 5 numbers all together. postal codes in canada work different. when we enter postal codes into a province we would not enter the entire postal code. there are too many even with our population being 10 times less than the states. our system uses the first three digits such as a1N to identify a region that is drilled own perfectly. but if we require our customers to match the entire postal code such as a1N 2C2 and set our locations up the same there will be tens of thousands of them and it won’t work. soo, with that said, potential customers will go ahead an enter their entire postal code but on the locations side we will have just the first three digets in as the matching service area. however, your system requires an exact match so we have to put a note in saying ‘just enter the first three digits of your postal code.’ however, people won’t and they’ll put in the whole postal code and think we don’t have service in an area we actually do. by putting in a setting, like L27 has, which allows us to chose how many of the digits have to match then american customers can choose 5 for the full zip but us canadians can choose just 3. the final issue is the exact match. in canada people are supposed to write postal codes with a space like this: A1L 1N3

thats the official way. However, people will do it like this A1L1N3 and then it won’t be an exact match. Others will do it like this A1L-1N3 and this will cause issues too. there needs to be something put into the system to make sure a postal codes matches and that the potential customer has to write the postal code properly. We are national and expect to have about 1000 cleanign pros by the end of 2021 and there will be a LOT of postal codes so this is going to cause us issues. cheers

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