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As a part of the booking form, could we have a feature where if the customer does not answer yes to the question, booking cannot be placed?

there are certain must-haves that need to be confirmed prior to any booking. this lowers the chance of human error and solely relying on the team to check each booking if they answered no to the question.

for eg. for us – there always needs to be access to a powerpoint on-site.


By Dimitri

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  1. Hi David, this option already exists.
    You can set up your booking form to have custom sections.
    In the custom section you can add a question and make that question Required.

    I’d recommend using Radio button or Check box.
    And you can make the question whatever you want (ie “does the property have an active powerpoint? We cannot service properties without power”)

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for the reply.

      Your recommendation is what I have been using ever since.

      I am more or less looking for the option where if they select No, then the booking form halts. Right now, customers can still select no and the booking will proceed and this just means a higher possibility for human error if we manually miss the ‘No’ answer and requires each booking to be checked manually

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