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We use Freshdesk for our Multi-channel communication. It provides metrics and sLA’s and creates tickets so nothing slips through the cracks. when someone reaches out to us via any media like facebook or even a youtube comment it funnels in. if we could link the bk chat into freshdesk like we do facebook messenger then we would be able to ensure that all chats to us get responded to, we would have access to our canned responses and knowledge base articles, etc. for a smaller biz the way it is now works but for large numbers of providers having it funnel into a ticketing system like freshdesk will be a game changer. otherwise we can’t really use it as we won’t have the ability to search out communications, track response times, mark chats as resolved or waiting on third party etc. Cheers p.s. i know freshdesk will be very open to working with you for an integration. they are great.

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