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One of the main reasons I haven’t moved from L27 to BK and a lot of my friends in the network hasn’t is because there is no calling feature from the app for the providers. L27 has gone one step further and allows for call masking. this is important because some of our cleaning clients require us to give a half hour call before arrival, and a hour half call before leaving. especially for move in move out cleans and one time cleans. call masking is for so that the client calls the office rather than the cleaning providers. so that all the communication goes through the office and we are up to date and manage everything. this is a must feature and surprised its not available.

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  1. To add to this. This feature has a credit system where you buy credits to add minutes to talk time using the app in call masking. So that way a company wants to use this feature they just pay for the minutes themselves. So there is no added costs to bookingkoala. Everytime the minutes run out, you just top up credits. Launch27 does this really nice. So i, as a cleaning company, buy 500 minutes at a time and if i run out, i just top up more.

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