Get More Clients & Reviews Using A Rating System

Today nearly 95% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. (source)

Which means, having a lot of positive reviews and little negative reviews will result in more money for your business.

Today I will show you the best way to gain positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook, etc., while avoiding negative ones.

This strategy is built for businesses such as; cleaning services, dog walking services, moving companies and other types of service businesses.

The strategy requires 0 time on your end once it’s set up, and it generates more reviews than any other strategy we’ve tested over the course of the last 5 years.

This is how it works:

1. Notification is sent to the client after the job is completed:

Whenever a job is completed we launch an email to the customer asking them to review the service.

Once a user decides to review the service, they can click ‘rate now’ which will take them inside their account:

Later, based on what they rate, you can set up triggers so they receive certain emails such as these:

When customer gives a positive rating:

This helps convert one-time customers to becoming recurring customers if you offer recurring services (if not this can be customized and you can add in your own offer).

When customer gives a negative rating:

This one helps you save negative reviews on public sites, because customers rate here first before going on a public site.

They also almost never want to write 2 reviews.

From my experience, customers usually only leave negative reviews as a way to get the businesses attention.

It almost guarantees someone will reach out and correct the bad experience they had.

Which makes this a perfect time to ask them to review internally before they leave it somewhere else.

Later, if you ever receive a poor review internally, you can reach out to the customer and correct whatever issue they faced. Often fast enough before they write negative feedback anywhere else.

This becomes a game changer when avoiding negative reviews, and an amazing tool when gaining positive reviews instead (more on that during step 5).

2. Notifications letting you know how someone is doing.

Whenever you receive a poor rating you get notified right away by email, sms or even a system alert.

You can also activate a notification letting you know each time someone dropped below a certain rating:

This notification lets you know when someones rating drops below 3.5/5.

This is great because, if this happens you can determine what you want to do with that provider or team and it keeps your service top notch!

For example, we suggest putting all poorly reviewed providers/teams towards the bottom of our scheduling priority.

Since our scheduling is based on priority, only the top providers get jobs first, which keeps your company the best in your area.

3. Reports allowing you to understand your company rating:

Here I am showing you a report I just ran on the performance of King of Maids.

In the last 4 months, we received 1,801 reviews and little over 91% of clients are happy, which is fantastic!

The other 8-9% get contacted right away. Later we know which providers need to be contacted or deactivated from the platform.

Even though most people never rate the service, our rating system still generates 3x the amount of reviews, compared to all the other systems we’ve used before we built this one.

That also includes calling customers and asking for reviews which only got worse year to year.

Today almost no one picks up, and when calling multiple times the client simply gets annoyed, ruining your chances of ever getting positive feedback.

4. Customers can pick based on ratings, increasing conversions:

As you can see, people get to see the provider or team ratings when they are booking (if you allow it).

This helps conversion rates significantly, because as soon as the customer sees someone with a great rating, their trust issues decrease and chances of securing that client increase significantly.

You can also display how many jobs were completed by that provider or team from the settings, if you’d like (currently disabled when looking at the image).

We’ve also implemented rules that you can enable that prevent ratings to show up if they are below a certain amount.

For example, if I enter ‘do not show anyones rating if they are below 3/5’ – the system won’t show the ratings next to the name.

We implemented this rule because sometimes a customer will be the issue, (we’ve all had those customers) and if it’s the providers first rating, they most likely will never be selected again by another customer.

5. Get more external reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and more:

This is a new feature we released to help you get more reviews and clients overall!

You can activate this feature which will show a 2nd pop up to a user that rated your service internally.

This pop up will ask the user to copy the review they wrote internally (only if they wrote one) and paste it on your Yelp, Facebook or any other social page that you want to link to.

This is a perfect opportunity to ask because they just left a review! By making it extremely easy to copy and paste it somewhere else, it increases the chances of them leaving the review on your other pages.

You can set this pop up in various ways:

  • You can show it when customers rate your service 4+ allowing you to only collect positive reviews on your external sites (you can enter your own restrictions).
  • You can also have users share reviews on Twitter or Facebook.
  • If you’d like you can even offer credits in exchange for them sharing your reviews, giving them an extra reason of why they should share that review publicly.
  • You can activate different links to be shown depending on what location the user is from (for businesses in multiple locations with multiple Yelp or other profiles).
  • You can deactivate a certain link to show per user if they rated your company on a specific profile, narrowing it down till they leave a review on all of your profiles (great for those who have recurring service).

This is an awesome strategy because it not only helps you gain more positive reviews, but it also helps you gain more customers, and all automatically.

Set it up once, and watch your business grow!

To learn more about this process, you can watch this video:

There you have it guys.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

If you need help setting up your rating system you can visit our help center.

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