Starting Your Service With a Unique Name, Logo and Slogan

Your business needs a great name, along with a rememberable logo and slogan.

The name and logo of your business has a tremendous impact on how others will look at you.

It not only makes a difference when potential buyers are making a purchasing decision, but it makes a difference when looking for investors.

Starting out with the wrong name is one of the biggest mistake you can make.

A logo can be re-done and a slogan can also be changed or a new one can be added.

Picking a new name is not as easy.

Most of your old clients will assume you no longer exist when you switch domains and those who find you, will assume you are a new company.

If you are just starting out, spend a week planning out your name, logo and your slogan.

This will allow you to understand how you will structure your brand and it will increase your conversions when you start to advertise.

Here is why names, logos and slogans matter.

Name – expresses your creativity and automatically creates trust.

There are people out there that judge others based on their names, hence why some celebrities use different names.

They are told that a strong name, will make them more popular.

This is no different when it comes to picking your business name.

A good name will help attract more customers.

Good Names:

  • King of Maids

  • MakeSpace

  • Handy

  • BookingKoala

  • Apple

Notice, how all are short and easy to remember?

On top of all that, they all have the same domain which allows a customer to find the company with ease.

Starting out with a great name, leads to a great logo and a slogan.

One thing I would like to outline is the difference between MakeSpace and King of Maids from the other three names.

When creating your name, plan it out for the future.

As you can see, King of Maids is specifically referring to ‘maids’ in the cleaning industry which will make it more difficult to scale when you start expanding to other industries.

Same with MakeSpace, it strictly focuses on organization.

This is fine if you don’t plan on adding in other services.

Logo – again shows creativity and allows potential customers to remember your company.

After you pick a good name, you can structure a logo around it to express what kind of company you are or want to be.

Those who see your ads, will remember your logo which will help build brand awareness for your company.

A great logo will also allow you to set up your website colors and the feel for your company.

Here are some good examples:

  • King of Maids

Notice how the name and the logo flow together.

On top of that it sets up the company for a great purple and gold color scheme resembling royalty.

All of it shows that King of Maids is indeed the best for the job before you even read a single review or try the service.

  • MakeSpace

The logo is very simple and the color green shows safety, trust, comfort and growth.

Very inviting towards visitors and very comforting when someone needs to enter payment details.

On the bottom I will also include an image that will show you the different meaning of colors.

  • Handy

Extremely simple and very creative.

Notice how the logo looks and reads the same backwards?

Very clever and makes it easy to remember the logo.

On top of that the blue is very inviting.

  • BookingKoala

Our own brand as you can see has a Koala as the logo because it fits extremely well with the name.

It is catchy, simple and very friendly.

On top of that the combination of colors make the site look warm, inviting, and powerful.

We receive lots of compliments from potential customers, media companies as well as investors.

  • Apple

Everyone knows this logo.

A simple apple as the logo with a black and white color scheme showing power, and simplicity which brand the company.

Meaning of colors:

Use this chart when creating your name, logo, as well as your company colors.

It will allow you to set up the brand you want to be.

Slogan – delivers the message of your company.

A company can have multiple slogans, in fact we usually have around 2-3 different ones.

You want to create a slogan that describes your company in as few words as possible.

Here are some examples of good slogan:

  • King of Maids
    • Experience Royalty.
    • Booking online in seconds.


  • MakeSpace
    • You haul nothing.
    • We make storage easier.


  • BookingKoala
    • Shopify of the service industry.
    • Online booking software for the service industry.


  • Apple
    • Think different.
    • Simple, yet elegant.


Use your slogans when you advertise.

These simple things will change your company for the better.

All it takes is simple planning before you launch your business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

"The Easiest Way To Grow A Service Business."
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