Starting A Poop Scoping Business From Scratch

In this growth story, we will be introducing Poop ‘N Gone a business that is started by BookingKoala for the purpose of educating current and future users how to perfectly start, grow, and expand a service business. Here is our story!

1. What is the first thing you did when starting with the software?

“The first thing we wanted with this business is to make it like Uber, in the way that our providers will be the ones to accept or decline jobs. This way, we do not have to deal heavily with scheduling the bookings. If a job comes in, they are the ones who make the decision to take that job or not at their own convenience. We also have the unassigned folder enabled, so if the initial provider does not want to take the job then maybe someone else will. This allows for more freedom and less worry about getting someone to cover a job. It also allows the contractors to have full control allowing them flexibility and more happiness from the job.”

2. How do you plan on breaking into the market?

“We want to focus on social media marketing and getting our name in front of all pet owners as fast as possible and the best way to do that nowadays is social media. Our goal is to be the number one name that comes up when someone is looking for poop removal in the Chicagoland area. There is a great feature inside BookingKoala that allows us to create coupon codes so that we can offer discounts and later track which promotional offers are brining in the most clients. We will also use the referral system as well as the Facebook sharing feature to help us get more clients at no additional cost. We will then push paying clients to leave us a review on Yelp and Facebook using BookingKoalas automatic review feature. This will help us establish a presence in the Chicago area.”

3. Why poop?

“It’s inevitable that it is gonna happen and it happens multiple times a day which makes it a perfect business to gain recurring revenue from the same client on an on-going basis. This is probably the one thing pet owners do not enjoy about owning a pet, so why not make a business out of it. It’s also that type of a business that doesn’t have much competition, probably because like owners, no one else wants to pick up poop.”

4. How easy was it to get up and running?

‘Extremely easy! We just finalized the look of our brand/website and the way the business will be structured which only took a few hours. Keep in mind our team has been doing this for a while which is why we were able to get this done so quickly. Next step is to hire a few providers in suburban cities by posting on Craigslist and have them on stand by for when we start advertising.”

Follow Poop ‘N Gone as we will be sharing our journey from right now as we started and giving you an inside look at how we are running the business!

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