How To Start A Service Business In Less Than 60 Seconds

Starting any business is a painful process for everyone.

I’m not talking about getting the paperwork ready because that’s the easy part; you can simply go to a local accountant or a site like Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom and they will do all the work for you. I am talking about all the HARD work getting a business off the ground like setting up a website, testing it for conversions, and figuring out a way to scale it.

Luckily there is BookingKoala: an online booking software we created to help you start a service in under 60 seconds.

If you are just starting out, we added an option to help you create any service type business and start making money with it for an affordable price.

Plus, we will be here to guide you with material built by successful entrepreneurs.

How does it work?

What’s next?

After you pick a theme and select your industry, a website will be made for you in less than 60 seconds.

This is your website:

Your new website is no standard website.

Your new website comes with some powerful features that helped us scale our cleaning service to over $5,000,000 in less than 3 years and with no investor money.

First, let us talk about what your customers can do.

The moment a customer lands on your new website, they can book an appointment online using our premium booking forms:

During the booking process the customer can:

  • Get pricing.
  • Schedule from available dates.
  • Can pick from top-rated providers and search through providers or teams they heard might have been good.
  • They can enter coupons that you set up inside BookingKoala to entice them to buy from you.
  • They can buy using gift cards others sent them or from referral credits.


After years of testing our forms we made sure that no dollar is left on the table.

We implemented cart abandonment techniques that will allow you to capture emails in case someone didn’t complete their booking.

Later, you can send automated emails to those folks, convincing them or incentivizing them with coupons to complete their purchase.

All this is explained once you start using BookingKoala so do not worry if you feel a little bit overwhelmed.

Inside the customers’ account:

Once a customer completes a booking, they will get a receipt email and an account will be created for them.

This is what they can do inside:

  • Customers have total control over their appointments which they can cancel, reschedule or modify.
  • When customers cancel you can set up rules to keep track of why your customers are canceling and later optimize based on all of that feedback.
  • Customers can earn credits by referring others to your company.
  • Customers can purchase and send gift cards to friends and family so that later they can use your services.
  • Customers can rate providers and teams after each service is completed letting you know how well everyone is doing.
  • Customers can tip providers and teams at any time.


Let’s move onto your providers’ account:

Each provider or team member will receive their own account to help you save time and make their lives easier.

  • Your providers can see all of their appointments.
  • They can see their job history.
  • Track if any new reviews or tips came in from customers.
  • View their payments and much more.


Finally your own admin account:

You as the owner also have your own login as the one shown below.

Inside your account, you can do things such as:

  • View and manage all appointments.
  • You can book on behalf of your customers.
  • Add and manage all customers.
  • Manage and add new providers or teams.
  • Send out payments to your providers in seconds.
  • Control notifications.
  • Create coupons for new and existing customers.
  • View reports that will help you scale faster:


With the reports you can:

  • See how much revenue your business is bringing.
  • Break it down per frequency, service or even customer and provider who did the job.
  • How many jobs you’ve done in a specific period.
  • How much payment you sent out.
  • Find your customer value.
  • Learn why customers are canceling your services.
  • How many referrals you’re bringing in
  • And much more.


Everything you’ve seen above will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

There you have it!

If you are ready to start, you can start by clicking here.

Once you sign up, you will gain access to our private community group and we will send you a few emails over the next couple days to help you get started.

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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