Smart Automatic Scheduling Saves Us Over $100,000 A Year

To start out this article, I would like to give you a challenge.

Put away your cell phone for an entire week, and act as if you lived in a time where phones didn’t exist.

That would be rough, right?

To connect with someone, you’d have to either mail them a letter or meet up with them in person.

How do you even know where they are, or if they are home when you visit them?

What if you want to read the news or watch a video? How would you do that and stay informed like you can today.

Now that you have that painful image in your head of how hard life would be without phones, think of a software as being that phone.

For my company, if we removed the software from our daily lives, not only would we need more people to manage everything but less people would be using our services.

Before we implemented our software for King of Maids a few years ago, we used to have 5-6 people in the office answering calls and now we have only 3 per day and 2 on the weekends which saves the company around $100,000 annually.

If we double our size, we will be saving $200,000 annually.

Most companies don’t have $100,000 to spend on marketing, while we have an extra $100,000 to spend on either improving our services or marketing to reach more clients.

How do you compete with that if you are a local service not using the correct software for your business?

It’s simple. You don’t.

You spend all your man hours doing everything yourself or overwork your staff to get tasks done, not knowing or not believing that there are far better ways to use your money or time.

Whenever we demo our software the biggest question from large companies is; “Explain to me how is it that companies save so much money using BookingKoala?”

Here it is:

1. Customer dashboard and booking forms

Over 80% of our customers book or modify their appointments on their own without ever calling the office for help.

The 20% that do call in don’t yet know about our booking system and what it can do, the moment they learn about it, they choose to book and manage everything on their own.

Imagine the power of not dealing with 80%+ of your customers.

Not only does that let you, the business owner, focus on more important tasks but it also allows you to save more money by hiring far fewer staff members to answer calls and handle customers.

2. Smart scheduling

What most people don’t understand when they first glance at BookingKoala is that they think it’s a basic booking system that anyone can make.

This is a big mistake, because I can easily say that the technology we included in our smart scheduling alone is far more advanced than any other booking software to date.

When your client is booking online and picking a date, you want to make sure that everything is accurate so that no mistakes occur.

Our scheduling system is 100% accurate and whenever we book a client or they book themselves, the system looks through available providers/teams and within seconds only the available spots are shown.

Most softwares have a similar feature but it is not accurate whatsoever.

There is no job length and their softwares do not know when a provider starts or ends work, so it either over-books the providers/teams or overlaps other bookings. This causes more issues that require calling customers and rescheduling their appointments.

This leads to some customers never returning and some customers to leave a poor review on a public review site.

Our smart scheduling avoids those unnecessary issues while saving you hours a day at the same time.

I remember using Google calendar back in the day and it took more time to schedule an appointment having 20 clients versus having thousands of clients and using BookingKoala.

Our scheduling instantly tells you whether a specific spot is available or not, or if a specific provider/team is available or not.

Customers can also pick on their own which providers or teams they would like to book with, which means that if they heard about an awesome provider or team from a friend or review site, they can search for them and check their availability.

This is just a small fraction of what our smart scheduling can do.

Once you get inside you will really see all the power that comes with it.

3. Automated payroll

When we first started we used a spreadsheet to track everyones payroll.

Today, when someone books based on the settings you input under each provider or team, the payroll is automatically calculated and with the click of a button you can send payroll each week.

That means, instead of spending hours a week on payroll, it’s all done automatically.

Later, you can run reports to see how much someone made in a week, a month, a year or a date range of your choice.

You can also run how much payroll was sent out overall, how many tips were received and much more.

4. Notifications

All notifications are automated.

We have over 100 notifications to choose from that can be sent to you the owner, your office employees, your customers and even your service providers.

  • Do you want to send a reminder to your customers letting them know of their upcoming appointments?
  • Do you need to notify a provider of an upcoming appointment?
  • Do you want to let providers know of any new bookings they received?
  • Do you want to send yourself a notification whenever a new booking comes in?
  • Do you want to know when a new booking via a referral was made or when a gift card was purchased?
  • Do you want to send out notifications to your customers after service is complete so they rate the service or even tip your provider?
  • Do you want to send out promotional notifications based on what rating a customer gave?


These are just some examples of what you can automate instead of doing it all manually.

5. Provider dashboard

Each provider or team member will receive their own dashboard where they can login from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Here they can view their upcoming appointments, completed appointments, ratings they received, all their payments and more.

That means no more emailing work orders or printing out schedules for your providers.

One awesome feature that we introduced recently that helps us save even more time is the ‘Unassigned Folder’ which I will cover later on in this post.

Personally, it is my favorite feature.

6. Reports

Our advanced reports allow us to eliminate all spreadsheets.

If you ever started a business using spreadsheets you know the amount of hours it requires to calculate your payroll, your revenue, your customer value and all other valuable metrics that a company needs to beat out the competition and grow.

With our reports, you no longer need any spreadsheets and everything is calculated for you and your accountant automatically, with the click of a button.

7. Cart abandonment and email segregation

The great thing about BookingKoala; it’s built from a marketing perspective.

Our forms are designed to capture you the most sales based on years and millions of dollars in testing.

One awesome thing that we discovered along the way was that by adding an ’email capture’ the step before taking someone to the second page of our booking form allowed us to bring in much more sales.

The moment someone enters their email address and never completes their booking they are placed in a list where an automated flow of emails is launched to them in order to convince them to complete the appointment.

You can set this sequence in any way you’d like.

This is great because it turns a lot of ‘could of been customers’ into ‘booked customers’ and the moment these leads turn into ‘booked customers’, their email is placed in a new list.

By automatically segregating these emails, you can then properly launch automated email sequences to each type of customer allowing you to get better conversions and build better relationships with your clients.

Powerful stuff without any manual work!

8. Unassigned bookings

Here is my favorite feature that is an absolute must have when your business starts to take off.

Those that have at least 50 monthly clients will understand the pain and frustration that occurs when providers are sick and cant make appointments for whatever reason.

This is the case for any service-type business.

The unassigned folder allows us to accommodate those bookings that otherwise would of been lost or that would result in a poor review on a public site for the company.

A booking that no one can go to is placed in what we call the ‘Unassigned Folder’ and from this unassigned folder we can quickly mass message everyone inside the software, whether available or not available and ask if they would like to take on that job.

Then, the first one to accept it gets the job.

Each provider or team can also see such jobs inside their own account, they can grab it if they want to make some extra money or simply if they feel like performing the job.

It helps us save hours calling everyone and it helps providers make extra money due to this awesome option.

There you have it!

Those are just some of the bigger features that help us save so much time and money.

Of course there are several others like the ‘NA scheduling’, the ‘accept/decline functionality’, the ‘rating system’, ‘referral system’, ‘review management system’ and many more that we use to help save us time and money.

You can view some of those on the features page of BookingKoala or you can take a look at them when signing up for a 14 day free trial.

Hope this post helped and if you have any questions regarding any feature don’t hesitate to reach out!

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