Using Facebook ADs To Gain New Customers – Step By Step

Social media is a monster, it defeats many of those that come in contact with its advertising side.

Those that don’t give up, find the benefits sooner or later.

Here is how to set up a successful Facebook campaign for your service business, such as but not limited to; a cleaning service, dog walking service, a consultant or even a barber.

Let’s begin!

Create your page:

Chances are that you already have a a page created, however if you do not, you can go to Facebook and click create page.

Simply follow the steps and set up your business page.

What does a good Facebook page look like?

1. Fill out the about section.

Your business should have its own story.

Keep it brief and include it on your page for others to see.

2. Provide a phone number and your website.

If you have a phone number or a website, you will want to include it.

This will help authenticate that you are a real business.

Another thing to consider, is make sure your website looks good.

By having an outdated website you will lose out on a lot of money.

Here is a good example of what a good website looks like that converts potential customers into paying customers:

The site looks simple and clean, plus it has an online booking form which makes it easy for customers to book.

If you are looking for something similar, you can sign up for BookingKoala and get a website for free (same as seen above).

3. Get verified.

Being verified by Facebook directly will put more trust in your business when running ads.

It’s extremely easy to get verified.

If you’re a real business all you have to do is provide Facebook with some paperwork and they will give you a badge for your business.

Simple, but filters out the fake companies using Facebook to scam.

4. Add a good cover photo and your logo as the profile image.

In your profile picture, make sure to place your logo. It helps brand your company.

If your logo is unique, someone will start to remember it. But if you’re a moving company and you put a photo of boxes in your profile picture, that won’t make you memorable unless those boxes have logos of your company on them.

As for the cover photo, you will want to find a picture that shows what you do.

Lets take the moving company example from above; a photo of 3 workers wearing shirts with your logo next to a company truck, with a logo on it would be perfect.

Next time they see that truck, they will remember it.

5. Add many images.

Add as many high quality images as you can of your company.

These photos can be of the owner, your office staff, your equipment, your workers out in the field, and anything related to your company.

To really brand yourself, you will want your logo, colors or slogan naturally placed in as many photos as possible. Just as mentioned above, with the logo on the truck or boxes.

6. Stay active.

You don’t have to post everyday, but show you care and that you are real.

Post at least twice a week and once you start to grow, post daily.

You will want to post things related to your industry, your city, and your company.

You will need reviews:

Great, now that you have a solid Facebook business page, you will want to get at least 5-10 solid reviews to get started.

This is no easy task, especially if you are just starting out. However it’s crucial before you run your ads.

If you don’t have any reviews, you will want to make sure you are running ads with a deal, undercutting your competitors.

That will be your advantage to selling your service to someone.

Once you have an established profile with 5+ solid reviews you can increase your prices again.

Find your customer value:

Do you know what customer value is?

The customer value is how much you make on average per customer.

At first, you won’t have a customer value, especially if you are just starting out. But overtime you will, if you keep track of metrics.

For example, if you a have 100 customers and you made $10,000 in profit from them, your average customer value is $100.

This means, that if you run ads you can spend $99 and still make a $1 profit.

Before you know this number, it will be a guess when running your ads.

Try to get good at guesstimating how much you think you can profit and then see how much are you willing to spend to get a customer.

We try to get to as close as we can to the break even number.

Even if we break even, there is a chance that person might refer friends and book in the future.

Have a prepared landing page ready to go:

Here is an example from Friendly Windows, a window installation company in Chicago.

This is where you will be sending your traffic, once you start re-marketing your audience in the last step below.

As you see, the landing page is clear, to the point and very informative.

If you have a good home page, a landing page is not necessary. If you are using our themes, this step is already done for you!

Start establishing your brand in a specific section:

Establishing your brand is important. We made a post What does it mean to have an established brand? you might want to check out before you continue reading on.

Great, now that you read the post lets continue!

To get established on Facebook, you need to pick an audience that is good for your industry.

The audience will depend on the budget you have.

Lets take for example $2,000.

If you have $2,000, you will want an audience of about 20,000 people.

Your customer value will now be used to calculate how many people you need to sell to make a profit.

If your customer value is $100, you have $100 to break even.

To get your $2,000 back you need to sell 20 people.

If you sell 21, you made a profit of a $100.

Here you will want to set up your ads with an informative piece to a targeted audience of about 20,000 people.

If I were to pick an audience, I would find a bigger competitor and target everyone that’s liked their Facebook page (for starters).

If you have customers that bought from you before, I’d create a Facebook lookalike audience and Facebook will automatically find similar people that you can target.

If you are selling window repairs and it’s winter you might want to run an ad saying “Avoid a $20,000 mistake and check your windows this year!”

We created a sample ad above.

You will want to create a blog post with the title you see above and start describing problems people have with their windows after winter.

At the end somewhere, pitch your services.

Don’t over do it, simply say something like “If you still need help, you can reach out to us and we can inspect your windows for you.”

If one of those potential buyers runs into a problem you described in the blog post, you might sell them instantly.

If not, we will get them using re-marketing as shown below.

Keep in mind we can’t get everyone, but we will get some people and some people is all you need to win with Facebook.

Re-market everyone that comes in contact with your blog post:

Re-marketing is a powerful tool on Facebook that lets you target everyone who came in contact with your brand in the last 180 days.

Now, everyone that landed on your blog post will be a potential buyer to re-market to.

Re-marketing is a lot cheaper and can see 50%-60% higher conversion rates.

Now that you have your landing page built or an excellent home page, and you have a blog post that traffic has already shown interest in, you will now want to re-market that traffic with another ad taking them to your landing page.

To set up your re-marketing ads, here is a great article that will help you step by step.

Most people don’t realize they have problems, unless you make them aware of those problems.

See what we did there? We showed a customer a problem that is making us money and potentially saving them $20,000.

Also, keep in mind that social proof is a great way to build trust.

The longer you run your ads, the more comments, likes and shares they will receive, which all will have a positive impact on your campaigns.

Thats it, now it’s your turn!

Please leave us a comment below and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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